If there is 100% color in this world

Then Xinjiang

Will use one hundred and one hundred ones to show you his color

So in the circle

Xinjiang is hailed as the favorite pure land of Chinese photographers in 2017.

If you have been to Xinjiang

Then all of this will find the answer in it

Because, in addition to Xinjiang, there is no place to put

Grasslands, forests, snow-capped mountains, lakes, flowers, pastures,

Cattle, sheep, canyon, wooden house, beauty, style, starry sky, desert

If you have never been to Xinjiang


Let Xiao An take you and travel together in Xinjiang.

This! It is Xinjiang!

When you go, you will know when facing the quiet and clear water of Sailimu Lake.

Just like coming to another paradise far from the battlements

Sometimes rushing waves

It is also like seeing the rough sea on the edge of the horizon…

This! It is Xinjiang!

Going, you will know that I am looking at the Fruit Gully Bridge.

As if the dragon was hovering in the mountains, there was no additional beauty and respect.

This! It is Xinjiang!

When you go, you will see boating on the quiet Bosten Lake.

As the sun sets, the sparkling lake flaps the view of the boat

What a wonderful view at the time?

Looking at the swan on the lake and feeling the fish in the water

How happy is the mood?

Everything in the world, near the brain

This! It is Xinjiang!

When you go, you will know above the savannah.

How happy is the heart of Mercedes-Benz?

High and low undulating mountains

The herdsmen’s yurts are dotted on the grassland.

You will know

The paradise is no different

What you love is just that smoke.

And the wildflowers and wild horses under the smoke

This! It is Xinjiang!

Going, you will know,

The Karapa Prairie is simply a paradise on earth.

Colorful flowers against the white snow mountains in the distance

Under the white snow-capped mountains, it is the green grassland.

Can’t tell if you are in heaven or in the world

This! It is Xinjiang!

If you have never been to Xinjiang

Then her beautiful beauty

It’s not like you meet her with your own eyes.

2019 Let’s go!


Find the beauty of Yili in the correct posture

Find the right angle at the right time

Can not miss every beauty

We will show you the sunset of Bayinbulak on the 9th in the sunset.

Will also take you to see the most beautiful Chate Road, Sunshine Golden Mountain


This pose is the exclusive experience for you.

The Xinjiang you have traveled is “China’s crying China”

We will take you to Chate on foot and walk through the ancient Silk Road.

The walking process is easier.

Novices can also enjoy the scenery on foot.

Follow the footsteps of Tang Yan and walk through the most beautiful section of the Silk Road

Saimu Lake Lake Tour, enjoy the lake, play enough

Say to the horse, say no!!

Exclusively arranged for a night of Kazakh yurts

Experience the culture of the original ecological nation


Capture rare and differentiated landscapes

Take you to feel hot and cold, desolate and beautiful,

The sensory impact is strong, interesting and fascinating.

Lake and snow mountain

Desert and city merge

Grassland and wildflowers


Zhongjiang, Yili 8 big scenes, one can not be less

Nalati – aerial grassland

Bayinbulak – Sunset at the Eighteen Eighteen Bend

Karachi Prairie – the blend of snow and grass

The ancient road of Shatt – listening to the myth of snow and mountains

Sailimu Lake – under the Milky Way on the shores of the Blue Lake

Yili Fruit Ditch – Yili First Scene

Kumutage Desert – Desert in the City

Will you be touched by the above beauty in Xinjiang? Why not move now?!