Original title: Pin Yipin, these big holes in the brain hole, do not shock the chin, I lose

Many big names have launched a series of “incomprehensible fashion”. The unconventional design makes the “Qiqi” single product appear on the show floor. Whether it is “spit” or harvesting, designers try to break through the limits of imagination again and again, sometimes as if they are “opening”. See how these controversial “alternative luxury goods” are eye-catching.

◆ knee pads

Image Source / Vision China

In the past 2019 autumn and winter Milan Fashion Week, the knee pads on the GUCCI big show were ridiculed. “This pair of knee pads is suitable for the old cold legs. Mom no longer has to worry that I don’t wear long trousers.” “Isn’t this the same thing as the Little Swallow’s?” and netizens said it broke the hole with the knee. The trousers are perfect match. More frustrated fans directly “Aite” like to wear the hole in the jeans of the love beans. However, from the appearance point of view, compared with the ordinary knee pads, Gucci’s knee pads are really better, work well with the material, with the leggings, warm and stylish, it is also intimate.

Image Source / Vision China

In fact, in the T-stage, this piece of Kneepad is not the first. As early as the 2014 Paris high-precision period, the CHANEL big show on the “bright eye” knee pads have appeared. Compared to the coolness of GUCCI, the CHANEL brand knee pads are obviously a sweet route. Cinnamon purple, ice cream powder, technical silver, different colors of knee pads and the same color skirt suit perfectly matched. Not only the knee pads, but also the same elbow guard arm and pockets, so that the overall shape is more harmonious and unified.

◆ Banknote dress

Image Source / Vision China

In this season’s Milan Fashion Week, the Moschino 2019 Fall/Winter collection combines different elements and colors to create a retro and grotesque fashion show. The first to appear are three sets of Looks printed with US dollar bills. “Having seen such a show for so many years, someone finally put the money directly on it!” For the comments of netizens, the brand response is a return to Moschino2001’s style, and also indicates the new season’s discussion of consumerism.

◆ Iron, toothpaste, detergent

Image Source / Vision China

This year’s Moschino big show, not only the banknote dress caused a hot discussion, the model’s hand is also very “eye-catching”. Irons, detergents, toothpaste, styling sprays, and coats with quick-frozen vegetables, butter and other patterns are really a show of life. In this regard, Moschino said that the designer hopes to use his design to add fun to the boring life.

◆ Down dress skirt

Image Source / Vision China

At the Milan Fashion Week of 2019 Autumn and Winter, the MONCLER Brand Studio Exhibition was named “Amazing and Wonderful Room Exhibition”. A long dress with a down dress attracted everyone’s attention. Netizen commented: “The Egyptian Pharaoh has a sense of sight.” “I finally realized my desire to go out with a quilt.” It is reported that MONCLER released a series of co-creation with Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, “the huge dress shows Graceful, just like the Queen’s coming.” Did you get the Queen’s gas field?

◆ Poker shirts

Image Source / Vision China

At the recent London Fashion Week, Vivienne Westwood made a stunning appearance. As the “mother of punk” in the fashion industry, the brand has not been disappointing this time. The spades square poker shirts lined with T-shirts and flamboyant printed aprons, along with the iconic street style design, debuted.

◆ French fries box shoes

Image Source / mcdonaldssverige Instagram

Last year BALENCIAGA launched a red leather shoe called Square Toe Leather Mules. Square toe, flat leather sole, was ridiculed by the netizens of various countries as “McDonald’s French fries box shoes.” A few days ago, Sweden’s McDonald’s official released a real fries box on his Instagram as a picture of the shoes, and said that 103,042 praises will be officially launched. This wave of operation of the Swedish Golden Arch immediately triggered a climax of global netizens. If this pair of “unspeakable” red BALENCIAGA shoes are really co-operating with Golden Arch, would you consider starting a pair?

◆ “Suicide Hoodie”

Image Source / Vision China

At the London Fashion Week of 2019, the Burberry hoodie also caused a lot of controversy. The design of this latest season’s hooded sweater is similar to the death penalty lasso, causing protests from models and some netizens on the same stage. In the end, Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti publicly apologized for the public opinion caused by the incident, saying in a statement to CNN: “We are deeply sorry for the social paradox caused by a product in our AW19 fashion collection. Although the design was inspired by the nautical theme of the entire series, we ignored its impact on the public and we made a very serious mistake.”