Acer publishes the new Swift 7: the ultimate slim design with amazing screen ratio

Acer’s new ultra-thin laptop released today: The Acer Hummingbird Swift 7 (SF714-52T) is amazing, with an ultra-narrow bezel design that can be ignored, giving the product a 92% screen ratio. Breaking the screen space limit and winning the CES 2019 Innovation Award. At the same time, the Acer Hummingbird Swift 7 is only 890 grams of ultra-light design, allowing the business elite to easily put it in a carry-on briefcase or tote bag, almost can omit its weight, go out to work every day. No burden, creating an unparalleled light experience for users.

Hou Yonghui, Director of Acer’s Product Product Notebook Consumer Products Business, said: “Acer Acer Hummingbird Swift 7 perfectly represents the balance between technology and art, creating a new realm of portable PC design. It accounts for 92% of ultra-high screens. And the exquisite and lightweight design allows users to carry the work without any burden during business trips.

Extremely lightweight and slim design, creating 92% amazing screen ratio

The new Hummingbird Swift 7 combines flawless design and advanced technology with a frame width of only 2.57mm, which perfectly reduces the size of a 14-inch computer to just 31.79cm x 19.15cm, giving users an immersive display. In terms of light weight, Hummingbird Swift 7 (SF714-52T) continues the last generation of the ultimate thin and light, less than 1cm thick, only 9.95mm; weight is less than 1kg, only 890g.

As a product designed for business professionals, the Hummingbird Swift 7 not only breaks the limit in terms of lightness and slimness, but also the body is durable and stable. The use of magnesium lithium and magnesium alloys can increase the strength by two to four times, the weight is reduced by 20% to 35%, and the weight of the computer is less than one kilogram compared to the standard aluminum alloy of the same thickness. In addition, in the appearance of the product, Acer uses micro-arc oxidation treatment technology to create the elegant effect of porcelain on the surface of the upper cover.

In the screen configuration, Swift 7 is equipped with a 14-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS touch screen, which is smooth and smooth, and can provide users with vivid and clear color display, while 72% NTSC color gamut and 300 nit brightness Advanced display technology can bring users a immersive visual experience. In addition, Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass screen is the key to Swift 7’s exceptional durability.

Excellent battery performance throughout the day

In terms of configuration, the Hummingbird Swift 7 is powered by the 8th generation Intel® CoreTM i7-8500Y processor, which delivers outstanding performance in presentations, spreadsheets, and even creator tools. Supports up to 512GB of PCIe SSDs for fast access to large files. At the same time, up to 16GB of memory, you can easily perform a variety of tasks. What’s more worth mentioning is that the Hummingbird Swift 7 has up to ten hours of battery life, enough for users to use it all day long, perfect solution to power problems.

Thunderbolt builds excellent connectivity

The Hummingbird Swift 7 is equipped with a dual USB Type-C interface, ThunderboltTM 3 with transfer speeds up to 40Gbps, and USB 3.1 Gen 2 for added convenience. In addition, Hummingbird Swift 7’s DisplayPort 1.2 interface supports the connection of high-quality image displays, and can quickly charge external devices, while the headphone and audio composite docking station ensures clear sound.

Comfortable and convenient experience

The island keyboard used by Hummingbird Swift 7 is designed for business people with frequent travel. It is not only suitable for interval configuration, but also can improve the accuracy of typing input, and the 1.1mm key stroke and sensitive feedback feel, and the user is low. The backlight design working in the light source environment can also create a comfortable user experience.

The Swallow 7 Corning Gorilla Glass Trackpad has high precision and high sensitivity, which helps users to drag and browse pages. The interior of the glass trackpad features integrated buttons that support multi-point gestures and provide press feedback. In addition, the Swift 7’s power button also adds a new fingerprint recognition function, which can be safely logged in via Windows Hello at boot time, without the need to enter a password.

The new Hummingbird Swift 7 features a HDR high dynamic range imaging with a wide dynamic range of 55 degrees for video chat and video recording. The cover can be designed to effectively avoid accidental touch when not in use and protect user privacy.

About Acer

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