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April 2019

Warm Winter, Praise Time Omega’s Festive Greetings

2019-04-15T03:01:45+00:00Luxury, Watch|

  Nothing in the world can match the good times of gathering. OMEGA's beloved Christmas and New Year season is quiet, we hope that you will meet with friends and family to experience the rich festive atmosphere and enjoy every happy moment of the Winter Festival. Here, Omega carefully selects eight timepieces, making them a [...]

March 2019

The Lowest-Profile Ancient Town In Anhui Is Home To 124 National Security Buildings


  Original title: Anhui's lowest-tune ancient town. There are 124 national security buildings. Xidi Ancient Town, which was built in the 7th year of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1047), is located in Jixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, only 40 kilometers away from Huangshan Scenic Area. The ancient town is famous for its idyllic [...]

Spring Is Infinitely Good, The Flower Is Right At The Time _ Meihua Mountain


  Original title: Spring is infinitely good As the temperature rises, the earth that has been sleeping all winter is full of vitality. The rape, pear, and apricot blossoms are blooming, and the warm spring is everywhere. The citizens have gone out to go out, enjoy flowers, and visit the park, and enjoy the beautiful [...]

Use A Small White Shoes, With The Most Fashionable Look_Nike In The Early Spring Of This Year


  Original title: Wear the Raiders | Use a small white shoes, with the most fashionable LOOK in the early spring of this year What shoes are best to wear in the early spring? There are 9 fashion bloggers who will tell you that it is: small! White! shoe! To be honest, the heat of [...]

The Prince Of Wudang Mountain Is Built On A 60-Degree Steep Slope. It Is A Model Of Taoist Temple Architecture.


  Original title: Wudang Mountain Princespo is built on a 60-degree steep slope. It is a model of Taoist temple architecture. As the only self-created religion in China, Taoism has had a profound and far-reaching impact on the Chinese people's survival philosophy for thousands of years. In this process, many places of evangelism have been [...]

The Fashion Blogger’s Thing, Do You Want To Know ?


  Original title: The point of fashion bloggers, do you want to know Before, many babies were asking the grass in the background, how did vv go on the road of girlfriend fashion bloggers? ? ? The two of us actually met in the previous working relationship. We are already girlfriends, and we have known [...]

Five Beautiful Spring Tour Places Around Chengdu On Sunny Day! Otherwise, The Rain Will Come Again


  Original title: Five great spring tour places around Chengdu 趁 Sunny day! Otherwise, the rain will come again. Chengdu is finally welcoming two days of sunny days. After a winter crouching you Is it also the heart that can't help but be tempted? Bring your family and friends Come and play in these places [...]

Stella Mccartney Used Fashion To Save The Poor Animals, And Alexander Mcqueen Returned To His Hometown!


  Original title: Stella McCartney uses fashion to save poor animals, and Alexander McQueen returns home! Stella McCartney, who saves the world heritage, is also saving humanity! - If there is no love in the world, the sun will die too - Hugo ThisIt’s a fashion show, it’s a show that calls for human awakening.. [...]

Daming Palace | Hello, I am a National Archaeological Site Park


  Original title: Daming Palace | Hello, I am the National Archaeological Site Park v. Tang culture, exhibition Shengshi Fenghua Hello, I am Daming Palace. Hello, I am the National Archaeological Site Park. National Archaeological Site Park is an important carrier of Chinese culture They are coming from the depths of history A long history [...]

Beibu Gulf City Group Strengthens Cooperation Haikou Joins Hands With Nanning To Promote Tourism


  Original title: Beibu Gulf City Group strengthens cooperation Haikou joins hands with Nanning to promote tourism The picture shows the singing and dancing performance of the Haikou City Promotion Group. Photo courtesy Nanning, Nanning, March 4 (Chen Qiuxia) On the evening of March 3, the Haikou Municipal People's Government of Hainan Province held a [...]