If you have been to the four seasons in Yunnan

You will know

Yunnan is not just spring

Summer in Yunnan

The flowers in the valley will be open

The lotus leaves by the pond will open

The climate is not as hot as summer.

Winter in Yunnan

A group of elves came from Penghu.

From early morning to the sun, hovering over the sky

The climate is not as cold as winter.

And the fall of Yunnan?

Many people will ask, “Yunnan, is there autumn?”

Once we thought that there was no autumn in Yunnan.

Until after arriving in Yunnan for countless times

We discovered

Yunnan is not only autumn

And its autumn may be the most comfortable travel season

Three months of autumn

Warm and warm as spring

The continuous rain is not there, the crowds are receding

at last

Yunnan ushered in a chance to breathe

Able to find pictures of only one person

Take a photo of the moment

Clear blue sky

Green background


All seem to be exclusive

Yunnan’s autumn time is very slow

Slow to the blue sky

Slow to the breeze of only the ear

Slow to only rustling leaves

Sitting aimlessly somewhere in Yunnan

Less people or even no people

In the natural beauty

The whole body has become lazy

At this point you can only see

Yunnan sky



Perhaps the closest to Yunnan

No need to crowd people as if they are being pushed to any attraction

Don’t take the passive acceptance of the horse

But when people are few

Drill down to every destination

Going to Penghu for boating, taking a ride around the lake

Riding at the seaside with a breeze

Go to Zhoucheng to do tie dye

Riding in Shaxi Ancient Town on the Ancient Tea Horse Road

as well as

After watching the rainy season, every sky

South of Caiyun, has the most beautiful sky

it’s here

Its clouds are in abundance

Its days are colorful

in autumn

Its beauty will be easily discovered


Pure white

Pink purple

Countless small movements of the cloud

Brought countless moments of beauty




After seeing the sky in the autumn of Yunnan, I can no longer remember the sky in other places.

Learn more about every sky in Yunnan

Means a deep understanding of every place in it

In the Bohai Sea in Wuhu

In front of every big and small lake

You pay attention to the sky

I also feel that the lake in Yunnan in autumn is bluer than ever.

Appreciate the sky must have accompaniment

When the leaves in the ear creak

I was amazed that it was a little yellow in the fall.

Yuanyang terraces are also a season of harvest

The only change in the year

Yunnan is the best place to slow down

And in the fall, suddenly harvest the tranquility that belongs to it.

Watching a sunrise, colorful clouds, sunset, sunset

Count the breath of the sea

Stop and go

Yunnan’s “slow” means no time

The ride will not be long

Don’t use early black

You can walk into it like a walk, or you can go anywhere, learn a craft, or ride a pony. When you return to ancient times, you can also count the wine and count the stars.

And this is slow

Will also be easy to taste

and so

We need to go deeper

Drill down to every destination

Such depth

Need a lot of conditions

Such as a relatively small population in the fall

And the most beautiful sky

This fall

We naturally will not let go of this beautiful place in Yunnan.