Charm Charm Blue E Charging for 5 minutes and talking for 2 hours

The fascinating Blue Blue E is undoubtedly the most popular mobile phone recently released. The manufacturing process and functions of the high-end flagship mobile phone, nano-injection technology, mCharge fast charge, etc., make this thousand-yuan flagship since the release on August 10 Just swept the entire cell phone circle.

Charm Blue E is the first mobile phone in the Charm Blue series that uses mCharge fast charging technology. It is equipped with a 3100mAh large battery and provides 9V2A fast charging. It can support up to 18w charging power. As long as 30 minutes can be charged 50%, the official data said that 1 hour can be filled with 90% of the electricity. It can intelligently adjust the state of charge according to data such as body temperature, battery voltage, and usage scenarios. OPPO R9 is more than “charging for 5 minutes of charging 5 minutes”, Charm Blue E can charge for 30 minutes for 30 minutes, self-timer for 20, listening for 60 minutes, video for 10 minutes, Internet for 10 minutes, plus a 2K NBA game.

This time, the Charging Blue E uses the fast charging source adapter model UP0920, which uses MediaTek Pump Express Plus (MTK PE2.0) core, and the materials come from Dialog, Silan Micro, AO and other first-line manufacturers. The 3100 mAh large battery, in conjunction with the MediaTek Helio P10 processor and the Flyme system, better balances performance and power consumption, allowing the Charm Blue E to have excellent endurance performance and lightning fast charging speed.

Compared to the OPPO R9, which uses the same appearance manufacturing process, equipped with MediaTek P10 processor and supports flash charging but sold for 2499 yuan, the “I am not sleek” Charm Blue E is only sold for 1299 yuan, which is much more important than the super friend. In many people’s minds has become the first choice.