Craftsmanship, light and shadow flow TOUS released a new limited edition Swing series

The bears that bring warmth and healing always remind people of precious childhood time. TOUS, the Spanish jewellery brand with this classic image as the brand logo, has launched a new limited edition Swing pendant. The four-color gold outlines the peach bear, perfectly interpreting the brand concept of TOUS and conveying the guardian power of luck and happiness.

TOUS Limited Edition Swing Series Pendant

This new Swing collection follows the original and innovative concept of TOUS. It is available in four colors of 18K yellow gold: rhodium-plated gold, white gold, rose gold, gold, accompanied by diamonds, and a unique image of the classic peach bear. The innovative articulated design superimposes the layers of color, rotates around the main axis, folds out the soft and irregular lines, and exudes unique charm and luster from different angles.

This pendant is an exclusive limited edition series launched every two years by TOUS. It is uniquely numbered on the back engraving, making each piece more memorable.

TOUS Limited Edition Swing Series Package

The TOUS Limited Edition Swing Pendant is paired with a jewellery box of the same color for a unique treat.

About TOUS

As one of the most popular Spanish jewellery brands, TOUS has been favored by the Spanish royal family and celebrities since its inception in Spain in 1920, and is loved by the world in its unique style. In the past 100 years, from the development of Barcelona, ​​Paris, New York, and Tokyo, TOUS boutiques have spread all over the world on five continents. Relying on ingenious design and Zhuoyao craftsmanship, TOUS has a rich line of jewellery, bags, perfumes and other accessories, which has become a luxury jewellery brand that leads the world’s fashion lifestyle.