How To See If Crystal Is Right For You

Friends who buy for the first time usually have questions about whether this crystal is suitable for them. In fact, whether crystal is suitable for ourselves, we can look at it from several aspects. Let’s take a look at JOJO!

1. If you just like the beauty of natural crystals and don’t care about its spiritual function, then buying crystals is very simple, no different from other everyday products, as long as you like it;

2. If you believe and hope that the spirituality of natural crystal can help you, then it is recommended that you refer to your own needs and refer to the spiritual effects of various natural crystals to select the type, and then choose the specific style according to your own preferences;

3. If you not only believe in the spiritual function of natural crystals, but also believe in the five elements of Feng Shui, then it is recommended that you look at the zodiac and the five elements in advance according to your zodiac and the five elements to help you match your own needs, and then combine their own needs with reference to each The spiritual effect of natural crystals is used to screen the types, and finally the specific styles are selected according to their own preferences.

Regardless of which of the above requirements you have, we think that one of them is the most important: buying crystals relies on intuition, harmony and even love at first sight, and sincerely like it, this is called “call”; that is to say our body magnetic field Resonance with the crystal field of energy. Not the higher the price, the better the crystal function. The stationmaster has always liked obsidian, and the price of obsidian is quite cheap. In short, natural crystals, regardless of their value, are spiritual and follow the people who like it and love it. Crystal is a spiritual gem that follows its true master and guards them.