What Are The Methods For The Inlay Of Oval Diamonds?

Diamond rings are now the most popular. Nowadays, young people choose diamond rings for engagement and marriage. Because diamonds are known as love and eternal symbols, we all hope that our love and marriage can be as eternal as diamonds. The diamonds we usually see are round in shape and have classic claw setting. Do you know the way in which oval diamonds are set? Let’s learn about it with JOJO!

When the oval diamond is set on the engagement ring, it is suitable for many inlays, and each inlay can create a completely different look.

The halo-encrusted, small diamond halo around the oval main stone is a very cute embellishment that highlights the shape of the diamond and makes the diamond appear larger. Choosing a different color of metal or accessory stone can produce a striking look and feel. ;

Paw setting is an excellent choice for oval diamonds. It not only prevents the loss of diamonds, but also lifts the diamonds from the ring to increase the height, attracting people to focus on the stones;

The inlay will completely enclose the diamond’s perimeter line in the metal. If you are active, this setting will be your best choice. It can effectively protect the diamond while enhancing the beauty of the oval;

The accessory stone, oval diamond can be used with almost any type of accessory stone. The half moon shaped diamond is similar in shape to it, so the combination of the two is also very attractive. Like colored stones, small rectangular drills and ladder drills can be contrasted. If you want to match the elliptical main stone with a diamond boulder, choose a sub-stone that is one or two colors lower than the main stone to avoid smashing.

There are many ways to set up diamonds, and different diamond shapes have different mosaic methods.