Located in the edge of Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Ethnic Village is a must-see for travel to Yunnan. At present, 25 ethnic villages such as Bai, Yi and Jingpo and a Mosuo House have been built and opened, as well as an old Kunming building showing the Han nationality. The style of Kunming City. Today, I will share with you the step-by-step scene of this Kunming old city. I believe that every scene here will leave a deep impression on you.

The Kunming Old City consists of 18 commercial buildings with different shapes, classical decoration, harmonious color and self-contained. It not only has exquisite scenery towers, embellishment of ethnic squares, but also a large sculpture of “King Wang Jinming”. Old Kunming characteristic building.

The Mabang culture of the giant horseshoe shape “Tea Horse Ancient Taoist” reflects the charm of this ancient city.

In the ancient buildings, there will be an idyllic tea garden painting and calligraphy institute for everyone to relax. Kunming’s old city is no exception. When you enter this tea garden, there is a back garden, a long bird, and a family cat, which fits well with the wild cranes. A leisurely theme.

Through the back garden is a pool of green lake surrounded by green forest, the cherry blossoms on the head, the seagulls flying on the lake, the harmonious scene of plants and creatures competing for each other, just like a beautiful landscape.

Wandering back to the old city along the lake, this road can see a lot of winter cherry blossoms. Tourists from all over the country take photos under the cherry trees, and finally, wait until a rare visitor to record the original features of the old city buildings and cherry blossoms.

Returning to the old city, I came to the side of the exquisite scenery tower. The exquisite tower is set in the side of the building. The bottom bases are connected, and the extension is self-contained. It is inseparable and independent. It seems to reflect the interdependence of various nationalities.

The present Kunming City has replaced the former “National Tree Forest” and “White Elephant Welcome” in the main village of the former ethnic village and has become a refined display area of the Han nationality in Yunnan ethnic village. An array of old-fashioned specialty shops spread across the street, beautiful costumes, exquisite tea bags, freshly polished silverware, and exquisite tambourines, allowing visitors to the ethnic villages to stop and play.

A good-looking embroidered national costume display area. Many tourists buy scarves and satchels here, bringing good wishes from ethnic villages to relatives and friends in distant places.

There is a covered bridge at the entrance of the old city. The scenery on the bridge is even more beautiful. The fruit trees that are not named are connected with the water flowing under the bridge, which is a bit of the charm of the Jiangnan water town.

Walking out of the old city, you can see the signboard of the Yunnan ethnic village, and the palm-tree parking lot in the front square directly greets you. It looks green and looks against the blue sky. It is spectacular.

Through the palm trees, the city tour will be over. If the Yunnan ethnic village is the epitome of Yunnan’s original flavor, then the Kunming old city is the embellishment of Yunnan’s exquisite paintings. Come to the Yunnan ethnic village, you must not miss this place. Kunming old city.