China Fashion Network Home Channel News On the morning of the 18th, the “Fan Program – First Season” event hosted by Zhongshan Ai Wen Kai Di Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ai Wen Kai Di) and the famous lamp republic was launched at the 5th floor of Taikoo Lighting Plaza, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.

It is reported that the “Fan Project” is divided into three seasons, each season has its own different theme, the first season of the “Give” theme of the event will be launched “EDS Management Sales System”, the system is Ai Wen Kaidi in the lighting A new sales concept proposed by the industry. The event party revealed that it participated in the event package and sent 10,000 yuan of smart gifts. The event is expected to last from the 18th of October to the end of the 28th.

At the event site, the background of the propaganda background of “We give up profits, only to change the sales model, the model is king, and win the opportunity” is particularly eye-catching. What can be “given” to us behind these propaganda background themes? Avon Kaidi has an in-depth understanding.

Giving customers a core and efficient concept

Mr. Chen, the relevant person in charge of Ai Wenkai, said that with the continuous development of modern enterprises, enterprise management is more efficient and more automated. To be able to count on the lighting management system, you can’t miss the “EDS Management System”.

“EDS Management System” is Avon Kaidi’s lighting management sales system tailored for the company. “This system can make your 100-square store have 10,000 squares of effects,” the person in charge said. “EDS Management System” also includes three systems: store two, easy to manage, and easy to match.

This event is based on the theme of “giving” and aims to “give” the core and efficient concept and service of the customer – “EDS Management System”. By becoming a VIP member, you can enjoy the system for free, so that each customer can get diversified products, richer case scenarios, control of the lighting atmosphere of the store, low operating costs, and simpler experience and service.

Bring high-end experience and personalized service to customers

“For the automation of trading, the three systems of lighting, lighting, and ceiling lights are open.” Mr. Lu Hangmin, Chairman of Ai Wenkaidi, said the core advantages of the “EDS Management System”.

Lu always confidently told the author that the biggest advantage of the “EDS Management System” released at this event is two points. One is for “following the heart”, what kind of lighting the user likes, what kind of home decoration style can be used at will, and fully experience the intimacy of the scene; the two are “one-button operation”, and the humanized multi-function realizes the user’s needs. “Our heart-matching – with lamp system, multiple choices to think freely, change the style to change with heart, personality and self-determination, user experience to enjoy, recommend sharing and turn around, happy deal with the wish.”

One-click search for customer map; one-click to make work order production, distribution, address navigation, installer positioning, installation satisfaction survey, installation effect archive, etc.; one-click query into the store every customer address like personal information; one-click positioning scene Light, time switch light; one button to send notifications, announcements; all the above problems are queried by one button. Secondly, product display, light distribution plan, quotation transaction, can also be easily done, and send mail and WeChat with one click.

Create endless possibilities for customers

The powerful function of the product has to imagine how the “EDS Management System” does all this? “The infinite possibilities!” Lu Hangmin, the chairman of the Lantern Republic, did not hesitate to think about it. The laughter said, “This sentence is often hanged on the lips and has become (my) mantra.” Create endless possibilities for customers. Lu Hangmin also made this sentence the company’s business philosophy, deep cultivation, long-term savings, and gradually become the company’s corporate culture in the company’s development.

Lu Hangmin, who has only lived in the past, has made considerable achievements in the lighting industry of the company. It is understood that since the first alliance of Zhongshan Jianmei Lighting Co., Ltd. in March 2012, it has four excellent lighting brands including Jianmei, Quantonghui, Jianzhong and Meimei. In the future, new excellent brands will be included, and the mainstream and representative excellent lighting brands will be concentrated, and the advantages of each brand will be refined to complement each other.

According to the activity party, this year’s Zhongshan Guzhen Lantern Fair will be held from October 22 to October 25, 2014 at the intersection of Dongxing East Road and Gushen Highway in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City (Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center), Taikoo Lighting Plaza It will be the second pavilion of the Fair. It is reported that the annual light fair is a large-scale event in the Guangdong lighting industry. At that time, the lighting industry, home improvement industry and real estate industry will all participate in the event.