How To Buy Cost-Effective Citrine

Because the brightness and chroma are very good, as long as it is transparent and smooth, it is called the top grade, and it is far more transparent than the topaz. Therefore, it is favored by consumers and often cut into pendants or ring faces. Since natural citrine is extremely rare, the price is relatively expensive. So how can I buy a genuine, cost-effective citrine? Let’s take a look at JOJO!

How to buy cost-effective citrine

We all know that the citrines in the crystal market are mostly faded by amethyst. The citrine like this is light in color and has no glamorous feeling. The color tone is a bit thin. This type of citrine is more expensive and cheaper, and its color will never fade at room temperature, so it is generally accepted by consumers. The citrine is considered to be the most valuable with deep orange citrine, because it is rich in color and citrine is mellow, giving a royal sense of honor.

Color: Just as we mentioned, citrine is orange-colored as the top grade, which is regarded as the most valuable. Because of its rich and mellow color, the output is very small, and it is called the top in transparency and smoothness.

Clarity: Citrine crystals are clear, and ice cracks or cotton wadding are considered to be high quality citrine. If the clarity is not high, or the color is gray or tea, the price will decrease. The main source of citrine is in Brazil, and the quality is also high.

Gloss: However, many citrines in the domestic market are made by the amethyst heating and fading. The color is lighter, and there is no glamorous feeling. The color tone is somewhat thin. Although they are all quartz, we believe that the value of this type of citrine is not as high as that of natural citrine.

Workmanship: The processing of crystal products is divided into two types, namely, grinding and engraving. Such as crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are abrasive products; Guanyin image, inner painting snuff bottle, etc. are engravings. A well-made crystal product should be refined, not only can fully display the external beauty of crystal products, but also maximize its inner beauty.