How To Distinguish The True And False Of Colored Diamonds

Like ordinary colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are also graded, even with natural and synthetic points. Through certain technical means, people can make their own colorless diamonds into colored diamonds, and the degree of color can be controlled. Having said that, some people can’t help but worry about what to do if they buy fakes when they buy diamonds. How to distinguish the true and false of colored diamonds? Let’s take a look at with JOJO together!

How to distinguish the true and false of colored diamonds? The lustrous fire of diamonds is the secret that can reveal the true and false identity of the identity. The polished real diamonds are intensely colorful, and the brilliance of the high refractive index imitations appears rigid and rigid. Put the diamond in a white glass and fill it with water. If the light is weak, it is a fake diamond. Secondly, it depends on whether the corners of the diamond are very sharp. Only the corners of the imitation will wear out because the hardness is not high enough. The ridgeline and the top of the foot are more round and blunt. At this time you must rely on a magnifying glass to observe carefully.

How to distinguish the true and false of colored diamonds? The domestic inspection level in China is actually much higher than many people think, and it has reached the international first-class level, which is much higher than the inspection level of some foreign laboratories. If you are not buying diamonds overseas, you can rely on the diamond certification of the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of China when purchasing diamond jewelry in China. At present, the trustworthy certificates are divided into “big 4c” certificate and “small 4c” certificate. The “big 4c” certificate is used for the certification of diamonds above 1 carat. The certificate content is more comprehensive and complete, including multiple tests; “small 4c” certificate It is used for diamond certification below 1 carat and is certified for basic projects.

Differentiating between colored diamonds and ordinary diamonds is that colored diamonds are more focused on the color of diamonds. Therefore, if you want to know in depth how to distinguish the true and false colors of colored diamonds, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the color grading standards of colored diamonds. It’s easier to get started.