Goddess picking stars to shine the screen. Ryan diamonds will shine you.

In the Ryan “Sparkling Star” workplace afternoon tea selection event, which was successfully held not long ago, the glamorous glamour of the 10 beautiful ladies and the visual experience of the event, the dazzling diamonds are still in the memory of everyone. At the time of the fierce selection, the final winner of Ryan’s “Sparkling Star” finally won from the ten beautiful women. She is the goddess “Rui Li Star” with perfect body and shining beauty – Jing Qingyi.

As the final winner of the “Sparkling Star” event, Miss Jing Qingyi won the diamond award from Ryan – the eye-catching “laurel wreath” series of diamond rings. The cutting process combined with the unique diamond design makes the entire diamond ring a unique glory. The shape of the diamond-shaped diamond ornaments exudes a radiant glow, and the smooth curves bring out the diamonds like the sun. The warm sun bathes in everything and the world is full of vitality. At the end of the cold winter and the coming of spring, the diamond ring is like the curse of the goddess of spring, awakening people who are sleeping. Jing Qingyi is the embodiment of this spring goddess.

Her lovely sweet face, fairy-like temperament, in the Ryan diamond jewelry set off, as if the heroine has its own protagonist aura, sparkling. Jing Qingyi is a Leo girl who dares to dare to do and has a strong self-personality. Being a model is a dream she has been pursuing. Her persevering personality has made her temper on the road to becoming a model since she was a child. From the heart of the dazzling light.

As a professional model, she is good at catwalks, dances, performances, and plane shooting. She has won the title of goddess of many well-known activities by her own strength, including the thirteenth Ruili held by the most popular fashion magazine, Ruili. Stars in the annual finals of the most popular awards, 2017 World Tourism Miss China Finals runner-up and other awards, also represented China in the Asia-Pacific Finals and entered the top ten in the Variety Beauty Competition. Jing Qingyi, who continues to move forward on the road of model growth, is always on the verge of a better, more shining next peak. The “Sparkling Star” that Ryan Diamonds is looking for is exactly the same as Jingjingyi, from the heart of a diamond-like dream, persistent extraordinary girl.

There are thousands of jewels in the world, but there are few gemstones that shine like diamonds with long-lasting brilliance. Jingqing’s shining point is like a diamond, constantly expressing her long-lasting enthusiasm and exuberance to others. Vitality. “Sparkling Star” is also a good wish for Ryan Diamonds to achieve better and higher quality in the future. It is this perfect wish that perfectly matches the personal charm of Jing Qingyi, making Ryan Diamond’s “Sparkling Star” goddess not her name.

At this stage, Ryan’s “Workplace Afternoon Tea” event is perfect, Ryan Diamond fans, 2018 Ryan diamond jewelry will bring you more unexpected surprises, so stay tuned for the new year. We are about to bring you a wonderful journey!