The Role And Efficacy Of Mutton Fat White Hetian Jade

The white fat jade is the best jade in Hetian jade. The jade is warm and delicate, strong in oil and grease, pure in texture, very precious and rare. At present, the market price of the sheep fat white jade in the collection level is calculated according to the “gram”. In addition, the role and efficacy of sheep fat white jade is also very large.

“Like the gentleman, Wen Qiru jade. Therefore, the gentleman is also expensive”, the gentle jade is also the description of white jade or sheep fat white jade.

The white fat hetian jade looks soft and the inner quality is strong and tough, and it can be used and passed down for a long time. Based on the excellent craftsmanship of the sheep fat white jade, the famous jade and jade in the past, all of them used the jade white jade of Hetian jade as the preferred jade for their carving skills.

In the famous medical book “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a very detailed introduction about the health value of jade. “Jade can remove heat, relieve irritability, help the throat, nourish the hair, raise the five internal organs, calm the soul, bleed the blood, and clear the eyes and ears. In ancient times, medical underdevelopment, people can only use Hetian jade as an important jewellery to protect health and safety. In addition to daily play, there are many people who use jade to make powder directly. The sheep fat white hetian jade is stable and long-term wear. It has the function of beauty and beauty, nourishing yin and nourishing yang. It is rumored that Yang Guifei once contained jade town heat, and Cixi only used jade pillow.

The fat white jade has a strong magnetic field and can bring positive energy. And form a benign electromagnetic field with the human body to promote the coordinated operation of the human body. Sheep fat white jade contains a variety of trace elements, wearing sheep fat white jade ornaments can absorb these trace elements into the body, thereby promoting good health.

Sheep fat white hetian jade also has anti-radiation effect. Sheep fat white jade contains a mineral that absorbs harmful radiation and enhances the wearer’s immunity.