Hisense Golden Shield mobile phone debut in Rongcheng

“Looking at the red wet place and the flowering Jinguan City”, on July 9th, Hisense Jindun mobile phone in this city, which did not want to go, Chengdu, let many reporters and netizens witness its extraordinary information security protection. strength.


Deputy General Manager of Marketing Company of Qingdao Hisense Communication Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Chengdu Branch


Chengdu Station is the second stop of the Hisense Golden Shield mobile phone “Safety Shield Type” tasting. At the event site, Huang Li, deputy general manager of Qingdao Haixin Communication Co., Ltd. and general manager of Chengdu Branch, introduced the development concept of Hisense mobile phone “Technology Quality Trust and Care” and the transformation and development ideas of “Strong Channel to promote high-end” at this stage. Deepen everyone’s understanding and understanding of Hisense mobile phones. Li Yulong, the chief product director of Hisense Mobile, used the interesting language to present the unique advantages of Jindun mobile phone in security protection, face value and performance, which inspired everyone’s experience enthusiasm. In addition, a variety of interesting interactive games, tasting will be lively and lively, hilarious.