Introduction to the Three Towers of Chongsheng Temple:

The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali are located about one kilometer from Dali City. One of the best scenery in Dali. Known as the symbol of Dali ancient culture. The main tower of the Three Towers is called Chihiro Tower, which is 69.13 meters high. It is a square 16-storey tower. It is a typical building in the Tang Dynasty with the Xi’an Big and Small Wild Goose Pagoda. Looking up under the tower, I saw only the towers and clouds, and the clouds moved to the towers. The base of the tower is square and divided into three layers. The length of the lower side is 33.5 meters. There are stone columns around it. The four-corner stig of the column is carved with stone lions. The upper side is 21 meters long. There is a stone wall in the east of the building. The four characters of “Yongzhen Mountains and Rivers” of Mu Shijie title are solemn and magnificent, quite discouraged. Next to the Three Towers, the original large-scale Chongsheng Temple. According to the records of the history of “Nanjingye” (Hu Ben, Wang Ben) and “Ba Gu Tong Ji”, the temple base 7, the sacred Li Chengmei sect built three towers, house 890, Buddha 11400, copper 40,590 jin, built In the tenth main Fengbao of Nanxun and the first year of Tianqi to the first year of Tianqi (AD 834-840), more than 708,000 labors were spent, and gold and silver cloth brocade brocade was worth 43,514 kg. In the 1925 earthquake, the top of the tower earthquake, the top of the tower shattered, and the damage was heavy. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Three Towers were listed as national cultural relics protection units and were carefully maintained.

The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple were built in the Nanzhao Wangquan Fengyou period (AD 824-859). The first tower was built in the Qianqian Tower, which is 69.13 meters high. It is a square-shaped brick tower with 16 floors. Later, a small tower in the south and north was built, with an average height of 42.19 meters. It is a pair of octagonal brick towers, all of which are level 10. The construction of the Three Pagodas, in addition to the Buddha’s propaganda can be a Buddha, there is another important reason, that is, Dali Ancient is “Zheguo more water problems.” The ancient book “Jinshi Collection” records: “Shi Chuanlong Jingta Tower and Ding Peng, Dali is Longze, so this is the town.” According to legend, the ancient three-tower was built, using a layer of soil to repair a layer of towers, After the tower was repaired, the soil was dug up layer by layer, and the tower was revealed. Therefore, there was a saying that “the pile of soil was built and the tower was excavated.” The bridge that was built when building the tower was as high as a hill, and it was more than 10 miles long. When the tower was repaired, the capacity was insufficient. The goats were used to smash the bricks. Today, Yinqiao Village in Dali was called “Taqiao Village” in ancient times. The ancient books recorded the repair of the Three Pagodas. “The craftsman was 7.7 million and spent more than 40,000 yuan. It took eight years to complete.” After the construction of the Three Pagodas, the Chongsheng Temple of Hongdae was built.

The specific age of the Three Pagodas has always been recorded in different ways. In general, there are: 1 Tang Yanguan (627-649), Yu Chih-Ting, and 2; Tang Kaiyuan first year (713), Gong Yi, Hui Yi, 3; Advise Feng Youbao and ten years to the first year of Tianqi (Tang Taihe seven years to Kaicheng five years, 833 to 840) Shengli Li Xian and other people; 4 Baohe ten years to Tianqi nine years (Tang Taihe seven years In the second year of Dazhong, 833 to 848) Dr. Xu Zheng and others. According to the construction age of similar ancient towers in the Mainland, Yunnan should be a little later, and then the relevant cultural relics and records in the original Chongsheng Temple and the Central Tower will be used as evidence. The Zhongta seems to be built in the Nanzhao Wangquan Fengyou (824-859). The year is the most likely, and the two small towers are later than the middle tower, at the latest. Built in the early days of Dali, the first tower was built, and then two small towers were built.