“Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Introduction:

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost snowy mountain in the northern hemisphere. The mountain trend is from north to south. It is 35 kilometers long from north to south, 25 kilometers wide from east to west, and 960 square kilometers from snow mountain. The scenery of the snowy mountains is above 4000 meters above sea level. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is known for its danger, wonder, beauty and grace. It is magnificent and exquisite. With the changes of seasonality and cloudy weather, sometimes the clouds are steaming Xia Wei and Yulong are hidden; sometimes the blue sky is like water, the peaks are shining and shining; sometimes the clouds With a beam waist, the snow peaks in the clouds are clean and tidy, and the clouds are smashed and smashed; sometimes the rays of the sun shine, and the snow peaks are like red yarn, which is very beautiful.
Yulong Landscape Yulong Snow Mountain is a sub-tropical alpine region in Yunnan. From the foot of the mountain valley to the peak, it has a complete vertical natural landscape with subtropical and temperate to cold belts. Snow Mountain is rich in natural tourism resources, and the landscape can be roughly divided into snowy areas, glacier landscapes, alpine meadow landscapes, virgin forest landscapes, and snowy mountain waterscapes. The main peak fan is 5596 meters above sea level. It is the lowest peak in the northern hemisphere and the highest altitude in the world. It is located in the northwest of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. It is a north-south trend. It is about 13 kilometers wide from east to west and 35 kilometers long from north to south. It is opposite to the Haba Snow Mountain and the surging Jinsha River. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is known as the “Boishi Oulu” in the Naxi people, meaning the silvery rock of Baisha. The whole snowy mountain is composed of 13 peaks, which are arranged vertically from north to south, stretching for nearly 50 kilometers and about 13 kilometers wide from east to west. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not only magnificent, but also beautiful and straight, exquisitely shaped, bright and jade like jade, brilliant like thirteen swords, against the backdrop of blue sky, like a silver jade dragon is making eternal flying, hence the name Yulongshan . Because the lithology of Yulong Snow Mountain is mainly limestone and basalt, it is also known as “black and white snow mountain”.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in the minds of the Naxi and Lijiang peoples. The “three flowers” of the Naxi people are the incarnation of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Lijiang also holds the once-grand annual “Three Festivals”. In the Tang Dynasty, the Nanzhao Kingdom looked for the times, and the Nanzhao king of the country sought to seal the Yuebai Mountain. The Zenglong Snow Mountain was given to Beiyue. So far, the Beibei Village of Baisha Village still exists, and the courtyard is still deep and the Buddha face shines. The worship of the mountain pilgrims is endless. In the early years of the Yuan Dynasty, when Yuan Shizu Kublai Khan came to Lijiang, Zeng Feng Yu Long Xueshan was “Dasheng Xueshi Beiyue Anbang Jingdi”. So far, Baisha Village Beibei Yue Temple still exists, and the courtyard is still deep and the Buddha face shines. The worship of the mountain pilgrims is endless. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is fascinating with its fascinating landscape, mysterious legends and the virgin peaks that are still unconquered.

Yulong landscape
The whole snowy mountain combines various natural landscapes in the subtropical, temperate and frigid zones, forming a unique “Yangchun Baixue” main landscape. After the rain and snow, the snow is extraordinarily white, the pines are green, the ecology is hidden, and the shape is changed. It is like snow and green pine in the hide and seek. Therefore, there is a “green snow peak”, snow is not white and green, is a spectacle.
Gan Haizi: Ganhaizi is an open meadow in the east of Yulong Snow. Ganhaizi is about 4 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide. It is about 2900 meters above sea level. It comes to Ganhaizi to give people a feeling of openness and openness. In front of the east slope of Yulong Snow, there is such a large meadow, which provides a good place for visitors to watch the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here, the peaks such as the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Fan Steep are vividly seen. From the meadow of Ganhaizi to the snow line of 4500 meters, you can see a variety of flowers and trees, orchids, wild peony, snow lotus, a wide variety; tall trees have Yunnan pine, cedar, fir, thorn chestnut, chestnut and so on. The Ganhaizi Grand Meadow is a natural large pasture. Every spring, the flowers bloom, and the grass sprouts. The Tibetan, Qiang and Naxi herders living in the foothills near Ganhaizi must bring blankets and ride high horses to drive the yak and sheep. Groups, oxen, grazing in the meadows.

Baishui River: From Ganhaizi to Yunshanping, there is a deep valley, the forest inside the forest, the long stream of Qingxi, the river with the clear stream at the bottom of the valley, called Baishuihe. Because the riverbed and platform are composed of white marble and charcoal fragments, they are grayish white; the clear spring flows from the stone and is also white, hence the name “Whitewater River”. The water of Baishui River comes from the melting water of glacier snow in the height of four or five kilometers. It is clear and cold, and it is a natural ice-cold drink.
Yunshanping: also known as the “third country of lyrics”, at an altitude of 3,240 meters, is a holy place in the hearts of the Naxi people. Legend has it that it can lead to the “Yulong Third Country”. According to the Dongba scripture, “the third country of Yulong” has “there is no end to the inlaid silk satin, the endless fresh fruit treasures, the endless wine and sweet milk, the endless sands silver group, the red spotted tiger when riding Silver antlers come to cultivate, wide-eared foxes to make hounds, and flower-tailed pheasants to report.” Take the mountain cable car built in Baishuihe Mountain Villa, you can take you to the cable car station in just 10 minutes, then follow the boardwalk along the forest, or ride the Lijiang pony rented by the local girl. You can reach another good place in Yulong Snow Mountain – Yunshanping. Yunshanping is a forest grassland on the east side of Yulong Snow, about 0.5 square kilometers and about 3,000 meters above sea level. The snow-capped mountains are like Yuping, towering into the clouds; Yunshanping is surrounded by the city, and it is lush. In the dense forest around Yunshanping, the trees are towering, the dead branches are upside down, the tree beards on the branches, the rot trees everywhere in the forest, the dead branches and the leaves, covered with moss, it seems that no one has been disturbing for thousands of years. Just like a natural paradise. Legend has it that young men and women who are in love at Yunshanping at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will enter the third country of Yulong and get the happiness of eternal life.
Ice Tallinn: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a collection of modern maritime warm glaciers and snow seas near Equator. The glaciers are complete in type and have 19 modern glaciers with a total area of ​​11.61 square kilometers. The “White Water No. 1” modern glaciers are The most visited glaciers.

The “White Water No. 1” modern glaciers are 2.7 kilometers long and are located just below the steep peak of the main peak of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Looking out from the foot of the mountain, like a waterfall hanging from the sky, it is shocking. The ice tower of the ice tongue is like a knife smashing the sky, under the sunlight, it is not white, green, green and snowy, as if a huge piece of jade jasper is inlaid between the rocks. This is the “Green Snow Peak” written by Mr. Li Lincan, the deputy dean of the former National Palace Museum in Taiwan. Close to the glacier, I only heard the sound of running water, which is the glaciers formed by the melting of the glaciers. The fan in front of it suddenly made a loud noise, which was the sound of an avalanche, like “rolling a snow cow.” For thousands of years, the fan has been steep and consistent, and the glaciers have been replenished with new snow. Unpredictable snow-capped mountains, from time to time, snow flakes, it is difficult to move; from time to time, the wind is turbulent, it is a bit chilly; from time to time, if you shine through the world, you can’t help but feel a thousand emotions.
Yulong Snow Mountain is a treasure house of animals and plants. There are more than 60 kinds of main economic animals. The national key protected animals are the golden monkey, the clouded leopard, the golden cat, the snow leopard, the Tibetan horse chicken, the green tail rainbow trout, the pangolin, the red panda. Small and small cats, white-bellied golden pheasants, bloody white pheasants, etc.
There are 196 species of algae in 31 families, more than 20 species of lichens in 17 families, bryophytes have 45 species of moss, 130 species of mites, 220 species of ferns, and more than 3,200 species of 145 families of seed plants. They are famous horticultural species in Yunnan Province. The main producing areas of ornamental plants include more than 60 kinds of primroses, more than 50 kinds of azaleas and more than 70 kinds of orchids. It is a concentrated production area of ​​Chinese plant specimens, and is known as the Natural Alpine Botanical Garden and the Modern Glacier Museum. “