Jewelry industry credit system construction held Zhenruita boosts the healthy development of the industry

On November 15th, the “Jewelry Credit Circle” kick-off meeting for the construction of the credit system of the jewelry industry was held in Shenzhen. The jewelry industry is a traditional and conservative industry, but it is true that the development of the industry is not standardized. Whether it is the docking of online and offline, or the presence and sales of brands at home and abroad, it is quite confusing. The conference aims to create a credible trading environment for the jewelry industry and promote the construction of the credit system of the jewelry industry, helping the future development of the jewelry industry to be more standardized, healthy and orderly.

With the development of the national economy and the improvement of the living standards of the residents, the concept and methods of consumption are constantly changing. People are paying more and more attention to light luxury products such as jewelry, which has also accelerated the development of the jewelry industry. In contrast, convenient online consumption has begun to be accepted. According to statistics, the sales of China’s jewelry terminal market will remain above 600 billion yuan in 2017. JOJO jewelry experts said that this amount will continue to show an upward trend over time.


JOJO jewelry experts analyzed that the traditional industry of jewellery has developed well in recent years, but there are still many traditional enterprises that have not transformed. The birth of the new economy and new technologies is not always good. The reasons of price opacity and information asymmetry are still the obstacles that hinder the transformation of enterprises and the healthy and orderly development of the industry. This also affects one of the main factors in the construction of the industry credit system. Only by proposing better solutions can the industry make breakthroughs. Although the emergence of the new retail model is a powerful impact for these traditional offline enterprises, as the model gradually realizes online and offline docking, it has also begun to change from the original “shock” to “cooperation and win-win”. Continue to develop new models. However, if the industry is to develop further, it is necessary to break through the pain points such as information asymmetry.

JOJO is founded on the pain points of this industry. From the real needs of customers, understand the operating rules and development trends of the industry, and aggregate a large number of jewelry wholesalers, jewelry buyers, jewelry factories, accessories manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and other industries. Participants, relying on the Chery Tower platform, provide convenient and secure transaction matching services. For the merchants entering the platform, Chery Tower will provide services such as store promotion, traffic introduction and brand promotion. To provide “one-stop” e-commerce services, reduce user acquisition and operating costs. At the same time, the Chery Tower platform continues to optimize procurement channels, allowing buyers to win the best resources in the first place. For example, the jewellery brand P&A is stationed on the JOJO platform and can be freely promoted online. The buyer can know the brand purchase price at one hand. With the direct advantage of information symmetry and price transparency, the industry’s upstream and downstream, buyers and sellers reach the most direct communication bridge.

Undoubtedly, information asymmetry and price opacity are not only the unique drawbacks of the jewelry industry, but also the key influencing factors affecting the healthy development of the jewelry industry and the establishment of a credit system in the current Internet era. The emergence of JOJO, breaking this pattern, is undoubtedly a powerful boost to promote the healthy, orderly and standardized development of the jewelry industry.