4 Must And 4 Don’t On Keeping Pearl Jewelry

From the point of view of use and maintenance, pearls are famous for their delicateness. If you want to avoid the situation of “old pearls yellow”, then you must pay attention to the daily maintenance of pearls and do four “don’ts” and four “Must” in order to make your pearl jewelry glow with that gorgeous jewellery for a long time. Let’s learn about it with EU!

  Four “Don’t”

   1. Don’t touch the pearl necklace often. After wearing pearls, many female friends can’t help but touch the surface of the pearl with their hands. This habit actually affects the luster and brightness of the pearl. As an organic gemstone, pearls are mainly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The oils on the human skin are often contaminated on the surface of the hands. When touching the pearl necklace, these oils will adhere to the pearls and make them yellow.

  2. Don’t cook with pearl jewelry. The indication of the pearl is full of many tiny pores. When you wear pearl jewelry to cook, the oil fume and water vapor in the kitchen will enter the pores of the pearl. If the pearl jewelry is contaminated with these air pollutants for a long time, the luster of the pearl skin will gradually Is eroded and becomes dim.

   3. Do not clean pearl jewelry with water. Many friends like to use clean water to clean pearls. In fact, this cleaning method is completely wrong, because during the cleaning process, clean water will enter the small pores of the pearls, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but also allows contaminants to remain in the pores and damage the pearls. Cortex.

   4. Try to avoid exposing pearl jewelry to the sun. Pearls contain a certain amount of moisture. Try to avoid direct sunlight when wearing and storing pearls. Therefore, in outdoor activities during the day, you should try to avoid wearing pearl jewelry to prevent sun exposure to dehydration and loss of luster.

  Four “Must”

   1. Pearls must be cleaned with damp flannel. When you wear pearl jewellery, we must carry out maintenance work on the pearl jewellery, so that the pearl can keep the pearl for a long time. The maintenance method is very simple, we only need to prepare a flannel, moisten it with pure water, and then wipe the surface of the pearl with soft force.

  2. Pearl jewelry must be stored separately. Some ladies who love beauty will put all their daily jewelry in the same jewelry box, but for “frail” pearl jewelry (pearls have a Mohs hardness of only 3), this preservation method will undoubtedly make others Jewelry scratches the surface of the pearl, so it is best to store pearl jewellery separately in a velvet box, so that the nacre layer can be properly protected and kept in a smooth state.

   3. The pearl must breathe the air. When storing precious pearl jewelry, many people choose to put it in a velvet box, and then store it in a bank safe. Although the safety of the pearl jewelry is guaranteed, it will suffocate the pearl jewelry. Pearls need to breathe air, so even if we keep them in a safe, we also have to wear them out once a quarter to let them breathe in fresh air, otherwise the pearls will turn into yellow faces in the safe.

   4. Pearl jewelry must be worn after makeup. As an organic gemstone, any skin care products, perfumes and cosmetics will have a corrosive effect on pearls. Therefore, it is recommended that ladies wear pearl jewelry after makeup to prevent the pearl surface from being damaged by chemicals and make it lose its luster.

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