What Is The Best Color Of Tahitian Black Pearls?

What color is the best Tahiti black pearl? In fact, the color of Tahitian black pearl is related to the formation of the color of the pearl and the type of mother oyster that breeds it and the growth environment factors, which are mainly determined by the trace chemical elements absorbed during its natural formation. There is no uniform grading standard for the color and vignetting of Tahitian black pearls. According to national standards, the general industry grading is mainly judged based on shape, luster, and skin defects. But in general, Tahitian pearls with richer colors, darker, or rarer dazzling colors are more popular with consumers, and their relative value may be higher due to the influence of market supply and demand.

Tahiti black pearl color ranking

Tahiti black pearls are not all literally black. Often the part that reveals black is not its true color, but the shadow effect caused by its mirror reflection. There are very few completely pure blacks. Tahitian pearls are well-known all over the world for their deep and steady dark colors. Common colors include dark colors such as green and black, blue and black, silver gray and black, purple and black, and even some It also has a special iridescent color. Each Tahitian pearl has a unique color and contains the mystery and nobility of the deep sea, which makes the pearl even more unique. Tahitian black pearls are so precious and rare.

Generally, the best black pearls are mainly malachite green and steel gray. Black pearls slowly became popular after the 1970s. In the past, black pearls were rare, and the output was also very small. Compared with the present It’s so pitiful. Black pearls come in different shades of light gray to black. This depends on the variety. Some even have dark blue black with a slight rainbow-like flash, and black with a bronze tone. If you observe the black pearl from a specific angle, you will see Flash change of color.

What color is the best Tahiti black pearl? In fact, the color of Tahitian black pearls has little effect on the quality of pearls. The most important thing is to look at personal preferences and comprehensive considerations such as overall luster, skin quality, style and shape. The color ranking of Tahitian black pearls is actually what you like The color, what color do you like, what color is the best!

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