“Introduction to Lugu lake:
Lugu lake is located in the mountains between Ninglang County, Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, 69 kilometers away from Ninglang County. The lake covers an area of ​​52 square kilometers with an average water depth of 45 meters and a depth of 93 meters. The lake is clear and the maximum visibility is 12 meters. The lake water flows eastward to the Yalong River and Jinsha River, and belongs to the Yangtze River system. The entire lake, like a horseshoe, is long in the north and south and narrow in the east and west. It is shaped like a curved neck gourd, hence the name Lugu lake. At the foot of the mountain, there is a color gate across the road. The section about 200 meters below the color gate is the best place to see the panoramic view of Penghu. Here, you can clearly see the beautiful curved porch of Penghu. The Tubu Peninsula of Cuiqing is scattered on the mirror-like lake of blue glass. The Gem Goddess Mountain (Lion Mountain) is graceful and graceful on the north bank of the lake. If it is just spring, the lower edge of your lens is still a cluster of red mountain flowers.

The beautiful figure of Lugu lake is like a horseshoe print. It is said that this is the night of the goddess Gem and her “Axia” Vakarna goddess. Because of the lingering intoxication, the male god is on the horse and is just preparing to leave. The sky will be bright. After dawn, he will not be able to go back. The horse is stretched by a reins and stepped on a deep horseshoe nest. The male god on the horse has turned into the Waka Kana Mountain in the east, and the goddess is sad. Tears filled the horseshoe nest, and she turned into the Gemm Mountain. This is a lake filled with tears of love. After you understand the story of its horseshoe print, you can take a tour of the Mosuo village on the lakeside and prepare for a beautiful mood of “Daughter Country”.

Lugu lake is known as the “Pearl of the Plateau”. The islands in the lake are different in shape, with lush forests and lush green paintings. In the meantime, the water and the sky are clear, the crystal is like a mirror, the algae is dotted with it, and the pig trough boat slowly slides over the blue waves and slowly. The folk songs between the floating and dry days make it even more quaint and quiet. It is a virgin lake that is far from the city and is not polluted. In November 2009, the Penghu scenic spot was assessed as an AAAA-level scenic spot by the experts of the National Tourism Scenic Area A, and the ticket to Lugu lake was 100 yuan.
Lugu lake is located in Lugu lake Town, Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, outside the border of Sichuan and Chongqing. It is 258 kilometers away from Xichang City. It is like a white and innocent huge pearl inlaid in the southwest of the motherland. Her picturesque scenery, the unique legacy of the matriarchal clan, the “Noah’s Ark” in Christianity, and the sacred drums of the Lamaism are so eye-catching that many tourists look to this piece. The mysterious land of Penghu, the locals call “Xie Naimi”, meaning the sea, the mother lake, a bird’s-eye view from a height, such as a winged swallow is also Sichuan’s largest natural freshwater lake, known as the “plateau pearl.” To the northwest of the lake, the majestic Gem Mountain stands tall, which is the goddess of Gem who is worshipped by Mosuo. The southeastern part of the lake is connected with the grassy sea. Here, the pasture is rich, the cattle and sheep are plump, the dense reeds in the shallow sea are swaying with the wind, the flowers and plants are blowing in the wind, and every winter, swan, black-necked cranes and other rare migratory birds are tens of thousands. Inhabited here, adding an angry, a kind of scenery. In the lake week, in the lush virgin forest, rare animals such as leopards, lynxes, deer, rock sheep, red pandas, macaques, and antelopes are in the air, giving people a little fear and a bit of fun. The lakeside, the hustle and bustle, the idyllic, the sunrise, the sunset, the wooden house, the smog, the singer Chen Chen, the fisherman, the singer, the acquaintance, the good farmer’s farm To make the visitors unsettled.

The Naxi Mosuo people living on the banks of Lake Biwa have unique marriages and unique customs. The heads of the family are all women, and their family members are of bloodline. For example, among the family members, the ancestors only have grandmothers and their brothers and sisters, and the mothers only have mothers, aunts and aunts. The children of Axi’s marriage said that the father of the marriage was “Apo” or “Ada”.

Here, everything is so magical, so simple, whether it is Cheng Dingli, Axia marriage, matriline family, funeral, is unique. Every etiquette, every custom, is a beautiful and moving story, a pastoral song that is excellent and beautiful, all full of mystery, a bit of romance, a bit of poetry, a bit of meaning, thus giving people a dream And think again. The beauty of Wushui Mountain is more beautiful. In addition to the peculiar marriage and customs, the unique costumes of the girl in the lakeside are even more impressive. Lugu lake is the daughter country and the kingdom of singing and dancing. Once you set foot on this hot land, the tourists are all moved by the far-reaching and long-awaited “Ahabala”, all for the dragons rolling like a dragon. within Temptation. Look, the pig trough that drifted away from the distance, carrying Amei, beckoning to you, and letting you put your throat: “Oh, my friend, if you come, you will leave, and Amei will accompany you to the west of the mountain.” In the fertile land of Lugu lake, people’s food culture is also deeply stained with natural and simple features. Today, the diet of Nazhan is still based on mountain spring water, grass, nuts, and grains, artificially brewed, self-salted, self-baked, and boiled in the altar. It is placed on the fire, in the pot, and then for several days, months, and years until it is opened for consumption by the distant guests. This is the famous pork chop, surima, sour fish, grilled dried fish in Penghu. Niutou rice, pork intestines and blood. These delicacies will make you feel like you have a good time. “