5 Lotus Perfumes Are Small And Fresh And Charming

Holiness is still fascinating? Lotus has always been so obsessive but obsessed.

5 lotus perfumes, fresh and charming

1. Takada Kenzo 2011 Water Love Limited Edition Kenzo L’Eau Par Wild Edition

The most lotus-like perfume, the best word of mouth is of course the love of Kenzo water. This year it has launched a limited edition. Add a touch of sweetness to the original version of pure refreshing. Still a simple bottle design, but draw a blooming lotus on the bottle, a feminine interpretation of the gentle and romantic of women.

Top notes: reed stems, green cloves, wild mint, oranges

Middle notes: pepper, water lily, amaryllis, fishing board.

Tail tone: cedar, musk, vanilla

Reference price: 55 USD / 50ml

2, Sisley 2 perfume Eau de Sisley 2 Eau de Toilette

Sisley’s 1, 2, and 3 perfumes are inspired by nature. The No. 2 is the summer lotus pond. The lotus is the main theme, creating a simple but green theme. style of. The citrus flavor is reminiscent of the summer of a certain year, and the pure lotus fragrance is used to convey the coolness of the pond. Finally, the elegant woody finish is finished, bringing out the tranquil wilderness.

Top notes: citrus, cardamom, bergamot

Middle notes: water lily, Egyptian jasmine, cyclamen, rose

Tail notes: patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar

Reference price: 165 US dollars / 100ml


, Yves Li Xue 2011 limited edition fairies of the paradise YVES ROCHER Jardin des Nymphes

It is also a French brand that loves plant skin care – Yves Rocher. Following the classic MING SHU perfume, this year launched the “Jardin des Nymphes”. It is already clear from the name that this is also a perfume based on water lily (the name of the water lily Nymphaea comes from the fairy goddess Nymph Nymph). The design of the bottle is also reminiscent of the impressionist painter Monet’s masterpiece “Water Lilies”.

Reference price: 25 USD / 75mL

4. Yves Rocher Ming Shu Yves Rocher Ming Shu

Yves Rocher’s classic Ming Shu perfume is inspired by the Eastern Mosuo River. It is said that only the lotus flower blooming on the Mosuo River has a special, mysterious, clear and transparent fragrance. Its biggest feature is the crystal-clear floral fragrance, which is soft and fragile. The transparent bottle of water, wrapped in cool nectar, the visual illusion of light, makes people feel cool.

Top notes: peaches, ocean notes

Middle notes: water lily, lotus

After adjustment: cedar, musk

Reference price: the price is unknown

5, Hermes Nile Garden perfume Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Eau de Toilette

As you can see from the poster, the Hermes Nile Garden perfume is a tribute to the birth legend of the ancient Egyptian sun god. This fragrance was created in 2005 after the perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena traveled to the Nile River in Egypt, the world’s longest river, inspired by the water lily of the Egyptian flower. Trying to paint an imaginary garden with aroma to express an eternal view of the past, present and future.

Top notes: rush, Egyptian lime fruit, citrus

Middle notes: jasmine, Nile water lily, orange flower

Tail notes: fig tree, mastic, cypress

Reference price: 650 / 50ml

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