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February 2019

Symphony Of Science And Technology: P9 Leica Double Lens Leading The New Trend Of Photography

2019-02-25T12:32:31+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  Bresson, known as the "father of photojournalism", tried to escape the reputation, but his reputation never left him. Throughout his life, Bresson left a large number of masterpieces familiar to the world. Behind the stunned pieces is Bresson's hand-held Leica, carefully sculpted in a 1/60-second shutter speed and a 50-mm fixed-focus lens. Because of [...]

When The Light Luxury Hand Opportunity On The Black Technology To Subvert Your Cognition

2019-02-24T12:17:25+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  If the protagonists of "Star Wars", "Avatar", and "Transformers" hold a simple and smooth mobile phone in their hands, you must feel that something is wrong? In addition to bringing people exciting and spectacular scenes, the sci-fi movies are full of hard and black technology. The black technology in the movie is also changing [...]

Who Said That Night And Mobile Photography Can Not Have A Set Of Photos Shocked You

2019-02-24T11:53:08+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  Following the news of the upcoming release of Maimang 5 and related posters, this "heroic flagship" has been reluctant to show up its true appearance and product highlights, such as "still immersed in half-faced", full of mystery and suffocating at the same time. The appetite of fans. At this time, a group of Makeng [...]

Hisense Golden Shield Mobile Phone Debut In Rongcheng, The Main Security Protection

2019-02-24T11:49:27+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  “Looking at the red wet place and the flowering Jinguan City”, on July 9th, Hisense Jindun mobile phone in this city, which did not want to go, Chengdu, let many reporters and netizens witness its extraordinary information security protection. strength. Deputy General Manager of Marketing Company of Qingdao Hisense Communication Co., Ltd. and General [...]

Charm Blue E Charge 5 Minutes, Call 2 Hours

2019-02-20T14:41:21+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  The fascinating Blue Blue E is undoubtedly the most popular mobile phone recently released. The manufacturing process and functions of the high-end flagship mobile phone, nano-injection technology, mCharge fast charge, etc., make this thousand-yuan flagship since the release on August 10 Just swept the entire cell phone circle. Charm Blue E is the first [...]

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Show Beauty

2019-02-19T06:46:55+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

  On April 11th, Samsung held the Galaxy S9|S9+ media tasting in Shanghai. Through the demonstrations of a series of functions such as condensing time shooting, dark light beauty shooting, Bixby, dynamic shooting, etc., the old-fashioned Western Ocean on the Bund will be launched at night. The monuments of architecture and modern skyscrapers are recorded [...]

Sports Fitness Flag In The 2019 Wish List Huawei Watch Gt Helps You Achieve!

2019-02-19T03:16:17+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

Less than a month before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig, some small friends have spent the past year’s spending list in the circle of friends to commemorate those exciting “hands-on” experiences; some of them are busy standing. Flag, waved goodbye to 2018, and made the wishes and goals of 2019. Recently, [...]

Acer released the new Swift 7: the ultimate slim design to show amazing screen ratio – Database & Sql Blog Articles

2019-02-19T03:12:40+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

Acer's new ultra-thin laptop released today: The Acer Hummingbird Swift 7 (SF714-52T) is amazing, with an ultra-narrow bezel design that can be ignored, giving the product a 92% screen ratio. Breaking the screen space limit and winning the CES 2019 Innovation Award. At the same time, the Acer Hummingbird Swift 7 is only 890 grams [...]

Samsung Galaxy A9S, With Four-Shot Capture Network Red Punch Card |

2019-02-19T03:09:04+00:00Cool Products, Luxury|

Red all over the Instagram red card, casually a shot is a big feeling. But going abroad can't avoid a lot of expenses and boat rides. For most people, there is a heart that wants to punch. In fact, if you want to go to the Internet, you don't have to go abroad. There are [...]