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Dedicated To Love, Deliberately Play Each Role


FIYTA×古天乐 | Dedicated to love, deliberately play each role

All the time spent on what you love,

It is the best time we have spent.

We are young, have more values, are not limited by the success of the traditional sense, use all the time, create their own value, and let the objective rush, the same time for everyone It has become a brand new one, and it is only a brilliant time for oneself.

Really clever,

That knows

Our time, the enterprising,

People who always have the same values,

right here.

In the interpretation of the value of time, FIYTA and young people have a resonating resonance. With the watchmaker’s ingenuity, FIYTA is also a persistent time advancer. It is not limited by tradition. It constantly seeks insights and improves itself on the professional road, and expresses its attitude from the material, design and crafts of the products. And unique style. With one minute and one second of concentration, you can achieve one minute and one second of your wrist time.


This perfect fit, young “aggressiveness” is a pursuit, chasing one’s own dreams, doing different things. I spent my time on what I loved, and I got a sense of accomplishment and spiritual reward. In short, it is:

Everyone has their own attachments, whether it is a loved one or a loved one, it is worth every minute and every effort. With this moment of concentration, the next second is created with infinite possibilities. This is FIYTA, and it is also the “love and love” of young people.

So what about Gu Tianle, who is an actor and a spokesperson for the FIYTA brand, what is his “love for love”?

From the ancient rivers and lakes to the vigilant world,

From the face of the crown to the strength of the tough,

Obsessed with a dialogue, an expression,

Proactively ask for one more NG,

There is no more regret for the character.

More than 20 years of performing arts,

Clearly, you can go more effortlessly.

Why are you so persistent?

Because of love!

The true love often has the power of water-dropping, even if it is subverting the image to play the bottom of the small people, his persistence, but always in the time of circulation or even after the human beings, flashing a hot light.

With every second of input,

Attentively play every role in life,

This is the “love for love” of Gu Zi.


The forest green hunting jacket, from the rough nature of nature, summons the photographer’s curiosity. The golden pointer that has been flowing for a long time, the record and the passing of the square inch meet each other, life at this moment, because of persistence and splendor.


Photographer series GA860013.BBB will be listed at the end of April

Compared with the arrogant young boy of the year, the old man at the moment has more time and elegance. Rose gold-printed series of light smart watches, light dull Look, with the theme of urban riding behavior, imprinted in the wrist is a time of the old.


Sometimes, when we are passionate, we are hesitating to watch. Sometimes, we are almost stumbling by reality. Don’t be afraid, keep on sticking! Like Gu Zi, with 10 years, 20 years, or even a lifetime of time to be a passion, I believe, one day, your attachment will wait for the answer!

This is the “love for love” of Gu Zi.

And the FIYTA brand spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan, the brand friend Yu Liya, what kind of “doing love”? Let us look forward to the next voice of the round.

At the same time, the short film “I will love you” will be officially launched in May, so stay tuned!


Instinct and dedication to each role

“Being loved”

Those who bravely insist on being loved are all time-motivators.

What is your “doing love”?

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