February 2019

Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, The Most Beautiful Oscar Dresses!

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  Original title: Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, the most beautiful Oscar dresses! Evaluating whether a set of Oscar dresses is perfect is not a standard answer, and there is no specific color, style or decoration to be on the list of "most beautiful dresses". But we can then review the previous Oscar red [...]

Jewelry Artist Artina Tang Brings New Life To Ouyang Nini On Valentine’s Day

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  Artina Tang is a devout Christian. The creativity and imagination of each of her works comes from God's rich inspiration: she was a well-known interior designer who prayed and contacted God once and let Artina see the gems. Another realm of life with creation. This year's Valentine's Day, I want to give my lover [...]

Tiffany Blue Book Fine Jewelry Series

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  In the hands of the talented masters of Tiffany craftsmen, these rare treasures of nature have been reborn, magical illusion into beautiful jewelry masterpieces, extraordinary eternal symbol of charm and the wonderful preservation of human memory and emotion. Tiffany Blue Book's fine jewellery collection is renowned for its extraordinary quality, craftsmanship and classic design. [...]

Jewelry Does Not Match Is Also A Waste Of Fashion Bloggers Trend Mix

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  Chiara Ferragni has a unique focus on jewelry accessories. Whether it is the classic of the jewelry brand, or the avant-garde style of the current fashion jewelry, she can be worn in a fashionable style. Chiara Ferragni wears Delfina Delettrez eye earrings Chiara Ferragni's collocation style is not very distinctive among many well-known bloggers, [...]

Asia’s Largest Diamond Jewellery Experience Center Settled In Shanghai Diamond Bird Re-Starting Industry Benchmark

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  Lead: With the perfect cut, the first ever-shaped diamond that has been rated as a true “bright cut” in history, its exclusive cutting technology makes the size up 15% larger than ordinary pad-type drills, and is the founder of Diamond Bird. Mr. Xu Lei, the co-president of the group, introduced “Fire Cushion diamond is [...]

Meets Hepburn Fenix Princess Cruises Appreciation Will Be Unveiled At The Sea

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  Guide: With the sunshine and sea breeze, in the endless sea, the FENIX year of appreciation will unveil the mystery. The Princess Cruises, proud of the ultimate experience, has prepared a variety of cuisines for the guests, satisfying the taste buds while enjoying the beauty. The "Meet Hepburn, Enjoy Sea Princess Holiday" event, which [...]

Paris High Timing Week | Derain By Wolfers Designer Serena And French Bourbon Princess Release New Jewelry To The World

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  On the afternoon of July 5th, Paris time, Derain By Wolfers & LIU.LISI Paris co-branded new fashion show was released in 2018/2019 Paris Autumn and Winter Haute Couture Fashion Week. On the scene, Derain By Wolfers, the new jewellery designer Serena, appeared in the show, and together with the French Bourbon Princess Tania de [...]

Beautiful Experience Of The Diamonds, Witness The Exclusive Memory

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  The precipitation of history makes the ancient city last forever, and the eternal diamond makes the story as clear as ever. From June 25th to July 1st, 2018, Chow Tai Fook's TMARK theme show debuted in Xi'an Bell Tower Kaiyuan, opening the door for you. Chow Tai Fook's 89th anniversary has been widely recognized [...]

Story Mark, Use Your Love Story To Customize The Wedding Ring

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The wedding ring originated from the Roman era. Wearing a ring-shaped ring on the ring finger has become a way for men and women to promise each other. Since then, the wedding ring has become an indispensable love token in the wedding. At the wedding, the wedding ring is a testimony of the oath; in [...]

Goddess Picks The Stars To Shine The Screen. Ryan Diamonds Will Shine You

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In the Ryan "Sparkling Star" workplace afternoon tea selection event, which was successfully held not long ago, the glamorous glamour of the 10 beautiful ladies and the visual experience of the event, the dazzling diamonds are still in the memory of everyone. At the time of the fierce selection, the final winner of Ryan's "Sparkling [...]