February 2019

Colorful Romance,Tribute To Christmas

2019-02-21T03:22:47+00:00Jewelry, Luxury|

The neon lights on the street are twinkling, and the melodious songs of the auditorium are defined as romantic and childlike Christmas. TOUS's mind selection, with the gemstones illuminate this warm winter, will realize the expectation of the pillows one by one. Colorful neon colorful winter day The exquisite craftsmanship makes the gemstones a delicate [...]

Jewelry Industry Credit System Construction Is Held, JOJO Boosts The Healthy Development Of The Industry

2019-02-21T03:20:54+00:00Jewelry, Luxury|

On November 15th, the “Jewelry Credit Circle” kick-off meeting for the construction of the credit system of the jewelry industry was held in Shenzhen. The jewelry industry is a traditional and conservative industry, but it is true that the development of the industry is not standardized. Whether it is the docking of online and offline, [...]

Marseven Brand New Product Release, Lose In Water Record Feeling Of Emptying |

2019-02-21T03:14:59+00:00Jewelry, Luxury|

As a fashion brand newcomer with mysterious elegance and colorful colors, Marseven fashion jewelry brand has been recognized and recognized by more and more stars and hipsters. The series of Lose in water is planned to be presented to everyone at the beginning of this year. The material has been chosen to be clear acrylic, [...]

Craftsmanship, Light And Shadow Flow Tous Released A New Limited Edition Swing Series

2019-02-21T03:12:40+00:00Jewelry, Luxury|

The bears that bring warmth and healing always remind people of precious childhood time. TOUS, the Spanish jewellery brand with this classic image as the brand logo, has launched a new limited edition Swing pendant. The four-color gold outlines the peach bear, perfectly interpreting the brand concept of TOUS and conveying the guardian power of [...]