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February 2019

5 Lotus Perfumes Are Small And Fresh And Charming

2019-02-15T15:02:01+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

Holiness is still fascinating? Lotus has always been so obsessive but obsessed. 1. Takada Kenzo 2011 Water Love Limited Edition Kenzo L'Eau Par Wild Edition The most lotus-like perfume, the best word of mouth is of course the love of Kenzo water. This year it has launched a limited edition. Add a touch of sweetness [...]

Sensing Woman, Chanel Ten Perfumes Make You More Feminine |

2019-02-14T07:08:01+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

  Lead: The expression of female taste is in addition to the decent fashion dress, exquisite makeup, but also the choice of perfume. A good perfume selection will make you feel great, and a tasteless fragrance will only lower your grade. Now Xiaobian has recommended ten perfumes for you to enhance your femininity. CHANCE perfume [...]

Miumiu Launches The First Fragrance Girl Fragrance Sweet Fragrance

2019-02-14T02:31:28+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

  Abstract: Miu Miu has released the first fragrance in the history of the brand, and held a star-studded release party in Paris, followed by the 2016 early autumn vacation series. Miu Miu has released the first fragrance in the history of the brand, and held a star-studded release party in Paris, followed by the [...]

Counting Those Perfume Ads Because The School Is Too Fragrant

2019-02-14T02:14:50+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

Lead: According to the fashion blog website "Fashion Gone Rogue" reported on April 30, supermodel Cara Delevingne's midnight orchid perfume for Tom Ford was over-sexy and was complained by the school district. It has been banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority and may not be displayed within 100 meters of the school. The picture [...]

Counting Eight Unique Men’s Fragrances To Learn

2019-02-14T02:32:31+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

For men, let them pay more attention to the personality of the fragrance, just like choosing a friend, consistent with their own temperament, taste similar, more able to express their own style, more understand their own inner pursuit, It also touches the strings of the souls that men are hiding in the heart. perfume for [...]

Under The Armpit Spray Perfume Can Cause Cancer?

2019-02-10T06:30:40+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

Can the spray of perfume under the armpit cause cancer? Perfume is very common in life. Some people like to spray some when they go out. The perfume can also purify the air and make the body smell. The general perfume is sprayed on the wrist, behind the ear and inside the thigh. It is [...]

Why Should The Perfume Be Placed Upside Down? The Reason Why The Perfume Should Be Put Downside Down

2019-02-10T06:26:47+00:00Featured, Luxury, Perfume|

Why do perfumes fall backward? In daily life, perfume is a common body care product. It has a variety of flavors and is popular with people. Perfume storage is very skillful, and many people will put the perfume upside down. So, should the perfume be placed upside down? Should the perfume be placed upside down? [...]

Which Fragrance Is The Prostitute Fragrance? What Does The Prostitute Fragrance Mean?

2019-02-10T06:25:04+00:00Featured, Luxury, Perfume|

What does the prostitute mean? In daily life, there are many types of perfumes, and different perfumes have different tastes. Many people will hear the prostitute Xiang Yi said, then what is the meaning of prostitutes? In general, prostitutes are popular, that is, men's fragrances that are popular with girls can kill girls directly. So [...]

Into The World Of Jo Malone Tastes Fragrant Life

2019-02-10T06:19:25+00:00Luxury, Perfume|

  Abstract: The famous British brand Zumalong JO MALONE belongs to the Estée Lauder Group. Its fragrance is simple and purely loved by many stars. The rustic packaging reveals a strong British style. JO MALONE is a London-based company that markets high-end skin care and fragrance products, which was purchased by the Estée Lauder Group [...]