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Lead: The expression of female taste is in addition to the decent fashion dress, exquisite makeup, but also the choice of perfume. A good perfume selection will make you feel great, and a tasteless fragrance will only lower your grade. Now Xiaobian has recommended ten perfumes for you to enhance your femininity.

Sensing a woman, Chanel's ten fragrances make you more feminine

CHANCE perfume series

Unpredictable, shiny, romantic fragrance. Let you indulge in the whirlwind of hustle and bustle. The floral and vanilla notes make this CHANCE Eau de Toilette even more gorgeous. Glass jasmine, vanilla, and irises continue the tradition of Chanel’s selection of top ingredients. Chanel’s first round perfume with silver trim and clear glass square caps. This amazing floral fragrance, with its ever-running cluster of fragrances, creates an ever-changing fragrance that creates this unique and unique fragrance.


Coco Miss perfume series

Fragrance is the artistic creation of a great perfume perfumer and represents the essence of the world of Chanel perfumes. Miss Cocoa fragrance, interpretation of modern temptation. This more full-bodied version of the fragrance is actually quite light and fresh. The two exclusive ingredients show gorgeous traits, interpreting Chanel’s classic aromas: jasmine and May rose, these two beautiful flowers show a crystal-like sensibility, and a little Florentine scent brightens the whole scent. Sensitive texture, amber peach color is stored in Chanel’s classic square glass bottle, the neck of the perfume is sealed with a fine film, surrounded by pearlescent white cotton thread, and finally sealed with black wax.

No. 5 perfume series

The acetaldehyde floral notes, like an abstract bouquet, exude an indescribable feminine charm. A classic woman fragrance full of elegance, femininity and modernity.

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