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This Watch Brand Has Played The Star Ip Slick


This watch brand has slid the star IP and has won the annual beauty brand in Jingdong.

“Fiyada watch is accurate for you…” In many people’s minds, this is a memory that runs through the 1990s. With the 7-point “News Network” every night, FIYTA appears on the CCTV screen on time.

Throughout the past 30 years of development, FIYTA can be said to be one of the most pioneering watch brands in China, from the earliest CCTV time to the development of aerospace tables, from celebrity endorsements to the rapid embrace of e-commerce era, Feiya Da has always been at the forefront of the industry.

In 2017, FIYTA is playing more and more on the road of youthfulness, and together with Jingdong, it plays the star IP, which is a strong driving force for growth. At the press conference of the Jingdong Butterfly Festival on March 1, 2018, Jingdong awarded the FIYTA Annual Beauty Brand Award.

From the Chinese space watch to the “Oriental Face” at the Pakistan Exhibition

In 2003, the first manned space mission of Shenzhou V was successfully completed, and the Chinese people’s exploration of the unknown field was realized. Since then, FIYTA has started to provide professional chronograph watches for Chinese astronauts.

Then, after the Shenzhou-6 triumph, Shenzhou VII Chinese astronauts first spacewalk, Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou 9 manual docking Tiangong No. 1 space exploration, Shenzhou 10’s smooth launch … all the way, FIYTA It has always been a special table for Chinese astronauts to carry out their missions. It has witnessed the historic decade and has been witnessed by history.

Founded in 1987, FIYTA has just passed its year. It is far ahead of many domestic brands in research and development, creativity, design and so on.

FIYTA started its own research and development movement very early, developed the first complex chronograph mechanical movement in China (developed for the mission of Shenzhou VII), and the tourbillon movement (the most complex and connotative in the world). One of the watchmaking techniques), a multi-functional automatic mechanical movement. In the material of the watch, FIYTA has also been committed to innovation, developed space-enhanced titanium material, DLC surface treatment process, and also developed the national standard of “carbide cermet” material, which has become the industry benchmark.

As a leader in domestic brands, after a long and arduous effort, FIYTA has successfully flew out of the country. Since 2011, FIYTA has been invited to participate in the No. 1 Pavilion of the Swiss Basel International Watch Fair, which is known as the “Oscars of Watches and Watches”, becoming the only international brand in the museum originating from China. Since then, every year at the Basel exhibition, you can see FIYTA.

Join the Jingdong platform and play the star IP

It can be said that FIYTA is one of the most pioneering watch brands in China. From the earliest Yangguang time to the development of space watches, from the celebrity endorsement to the fast embrace of the e-commerce era, FIYTA always walks in the industry. cutting edge.

In 2010, when the trend of the Internet swept through various industries, many traditional brands have not yet seen the future direction, FIYTA has decided to test the water and electricity business, officially settled in Jingdong. Since the cooperation, FIYTA’s fashionable design style has been well received by consumers, and many watches have become explosive models, and sales have increased year by year.

FIYTA is especially good at star IP marketing. As a spokesperson for the FIYTA women’s watch, Gao Yuanyuan is wearing a FIYTA watch in many fashion occasions. For FIYTA, the combination of stars and e-commerce is an excellent strategic choice. In recent years, FIYTA chose to join the Jingdong platform to jointly play the star IP, and enhance the brand influence and online through interaction with consumers. Sales.

In 2016, FIYTA invited Ma Sichun to go to the Jingdong headquarters, and simultaneously launched the Jingdong Watch Super Category Day event online and offline. In addition to FIYTA, there were 27 brands participating in the event. The eight internal departments of Jingdong instigated the free resources worth tens of millions of dollars to support. This large-scale watch event finally attracted the attention of many consumers. Under the leadership of the star IP, FIYTA brand exposure reached a million-volume volume.

On August 25th, 2017, Jingdong once again teamed up with many brands to hold the watch super category day. Among them, FIYTA once again offered the star IP resources, and invited the brand friend Wang Xiaodan to participate in the Jingdong watch night, which helped the Jingdong watch category. At the press conference, FIYTA said: “Since 2010, FIYTA Group has started cooperation with Jingdong Group. At that time, the B2C form of e-commerce has just emerged. As the first watch brand to test water, Feiya Dad and have achieved remarkable results in the seven-year cooperation, and this foundation has become an important cornerstone of today’s strong alliance. “Finally, this watch super category day created a higher sales performance, overall Sales increased by more than 6 times compared to the same period in 2016!

From the initial cooperation with Jingdong at the sales level, to the current brand, market and other all-round cooperation, Jingdong and FIYTA formed a deep tacit linkage. With the power of the platform, Jingdong has given FIYTA strong support in marketing, data and supply chain, helping it to obtain better development space on the e-commerce platform. In the future, the two sides will also carry out closer strategic cooperation in resources, channels and marketing, and strengthen cooperation and win-win results

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