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Tissot’s New Nba Timing System For The Accurate Timing Of The Nba Shanghai Game


NBA Shanghai Competition

Tissot’s new NBA timing system

Although it is away, as the defending champion, the Warriors’ voice at the scene is far higher than the Timberwolves. Warriors with famous players such as Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green are highly anticipated at the beginning. Before the game, the network surveyed public opinion, so that the Warriors team gained enough popularity with an absolute advantage of about 75% to 25%. For the NBA, technology, strategy, and teamwork all have a major impact on success, and all of this must be based on a precise time control system. There are a lot of NBA rules, but one of the most important points is the ball and time, 24 seconds violation, ball exchange, timeout, free throws, etc., need to constantly reset the 24-second timer, for the world’s top leagues, each The second affects not only the results of the game itself, but also its professionalism. Tissot, with its excellent timing experience, currently provides official timing for 52 events and events, making it the ideal official collaboration timer for the NBA.

Tissot NBA touch screen timing controller

The new Tissot watch The NBA timing system consists of a 24-second timer, an integrated timing scoring system and a multi-function timekeeping terminal. First of all, the new Tissot 24-second timer has unprecedented hardware systems including 24 seconds, pause and time-of-day timers, which greatly facilitates the reading of different players at the scene. At the same time, the newly developed LED glass technology of Tissot is used to not only completely hide the electronic circuit and conductor, but also make the timer almost transparent when in use, and completely transparent when closed, so that it can be clearly read at any angle. Its hardness can withstand the impact of 9 meters of falling steel balls without damage, ensuring the reliability of the equipment under high-strength ball game. In the digital display technology, the Tissot watch has also been greatly improved, so that digital jumps occur between the moments, and the speed is fast. Even high-speed TV cameras are difficult to shoot this process, so they can provide the most authoritative recording.

Secondly, in addition to the hardware, the technicians also introduced the “black” technology behind the system. Tissot’s comprehensive timing and scoring system software can transmit the most accurate time information to all on-site scoreboards and broadcast and information publishing equipment. The highest accuracy can reach 0.15PPM (parts per million, which is one millionth Unit level). This allows the viewer to receive the most accurate timing data simultaneously, either on-site or in front of a TV set thousands of miles away. The cutting-edge timing system is surprisingly simple. The new multi-function timing terminal designed and manufactured by Tissot is based on flat-panel touch-screen devices. All timekeepers and scorekeepers in the stadium can use this device to The entire system operates. Tissot’s table optimizes software design and functionality, making the operator interface simpler, reducing the possibility of misoperations and operational delays, and the brand identity will be displayed in every 24-second timer.

In the course of the game, Tissot’s new NBA timing system accurately recorded the popular three-point projection of Wang Curry, and its super-strain ability broke through the Timberwolves’ defense line. In the final three quarters, 40 points were scored. The Curry model of the audience scored the title. The Warriors, once suppressed by the Timberwolves, with the help of Curry, Thompson and Green, reversed the situation in the second quarter and led the Timberwolves with a 76-72 advantage. On the Timberwolves side, Wiggins, Muhammad, Jimmy and others made some very beautiful shots. However, after the end of the third quarter, they were unable to recover the score. All of this, every ball conversion, every time a pause, every player replacement, is recorded by Tissot every minute. The data is a very important reference for the NBA. In every game, the NBA will count the detailed data of each team, player’s score, assists, rebounds, penalty, etc., which will be recorded in the scores of the team and players. Behind these data is Tissot’s new NBA timing system.

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