Under The Armpit Spray Perfume Can Cause Cancer?

Can the spray of perfume under the armpit cause cancer?

Perfume is very common in life. Some people like to spray some when they go out. The perfume can also purify the air and make the body smell. The general perfume is sprayed on the wrist, behind the ear and inside the thigh. It is not suitable for spraying in the armpit!

Why does the spray of perfume under the armpit hurt?

Can the perfume spray cause cancer? Why does the spray of the underarm spray hurt the armpit? It is an important wicking mouth in the human body. Some toxins in the human body will also be excreted with the outflow of sweat. People’s health plays an important role, but many people often ignore the health care of their armpits. For some women who like to spray perfume in their armpits, the harm is even greater. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, armpit is an important part of the hand and the small intestine and plays an important role in people’s health. And often spray perfume in the armpit, it is easy to damage the armpit function.

The fragrances and other substances contained in the perfume are also easy to induce some different degrees of allergic reactions. For some women with sensitive skin, it is more likely to cause bad inflammation such as skin infection, and serious hair follicles in the armpits. Poor clogging, so that the point of sweating in the armpit is deposited, so the function of autonomous sweating in the armpit will be affected. And spraying perfume in the armpit will also block the pores of the skin at the armpit, so the metabolites in the human body cannot be discharged normally. This is also an important factor affecting the excretion of the armpits.

Therefore, the accumulation of toxins in the body will also increase the toxins of the kidneys. burden. Can you spray perfume to cause cancer? It won’t cause cancer, but perfume can’t be sprayed under your arm. The armpit mainly secretes sweat. If it is sprayed on that part, the smell will not be smelling. If there are skin allergies, it will easily cause infection. The perfume should be applied to the back of the ear or the pulse of the two hands. You can also put the used perfume bottle in the closet, let the perfume evaporate onto the clothes, and the fragrance is very good!

How to spray the perfume correctly in the perfume of the perfume Contains a certain amount of volatile oil, which is sprayed on the human body. If it is exposed to sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will combine with the chemicals contained in the perfume, and some photochemical reactions will occur, thus causing inflammation on the skin. Not conducive to skin health, so when spraying perfume, it is best not to spray it in a place that is easily exposed to the sun. In addition, in order to make the perfume taste more durable and evenly distributed, it is suitable to spray on the wrist, the back of the ear and the inner side of the thigh when spraying the perfume.

With the movement of the body, the beat of the arteries can make the perfume taste more uniform. Emitted.

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