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What You Can Pay Attention To On Star Charity Night

The temperament is very Man’s Hu Bing, picking a tuxedo dress and walking the red carpet. The clothing has the feeling of an elegant gentleman, and the watch is responsible for highlighting the precision and elegance of men.

Star Charity Night everyone cares about the

Shangmei Paris’s watches are generally worn by female stars. Zhang Yixing chose to wear it. It is really a bit of courage. Because of this “bee butterfly drama” watch, the butterflies, bees and flowers in the dial are embellished, very feminine, and men generally avoid it. Zhang Yixing wearing a black suit also suppressed the softness of the watch. It is also because of the contrast between the two extreme styles that make his style become more special.

Yang Shuo Dai Bao Bao Nautical Watch

“Small bag total” Yang Shuo is always taking out an iconic dimple first. Then look at the wrist on the wrist to reveal the “big gold watch”, 45 mm dial diameter, it is difficult to low-key. Yang Shuo’s only powerful watch is from the nautical series of Baodi. The case with the Breguet classic coin pattern looks hard and domineering, but also a little exaggerated. In exchange for other men to wear, it may be worth considering that Yang Shuo, who has “exaggerated to the end”, dares to take it in a concave shape.

The actor Gao Yunxiang’s polka-dot dress is well-regulated, and the Earl Altiplano 60th Anniversary Watch on the wrist is more textured and more stylish than the clothing. He also has a “heart-to-heart” to match the watch with a silver bracelet. In fact, for men, the stacking is a bit more addictive, and a watch can highlight the gas field.

In this case, female celebrities mostly choose more feminine jewellery accessories as a wrist, and few actresses wear watches. However, Zhang Ziyi, Qin Haiqi and Zhang Yuying chose the diamond-studded watch in the opposite direction.

Qin Haiyu Dai Tiffany Cocktail Series

Zhang Yuying Dai Cartier Baignoire watch

Zhang Ziyi’s neon-colored dress with the Bulgari SERPENTI watch has a feeling of heavy makeup. Qin Haijun, who wears a sparkling sequin dress, although Tiffany chose not to match her temperament and experience, but the diamond decoration on the square watch can always fill these vacancies. A relatively low-key Zhang Yiying wearing a yellow dress, only using the Cartier Baignoire watch to add a little sense of grandeur, bright and not glamorous, worthy of praise.

Compared to the C-bit battle of the female star who is based on guessing and brain filling, it is better to look at their watch comparisons and seem to be more realistic.

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