Which Fragrance Is The Prostitute Fragrance? What Does The Prostitute Fragrance Mean?

What kind of perfume is the prostitute? What does the prostitute mean?

What does the prostitute mean? In daily life, there are many types of perfumes, and different perfumes have different tastes. Many people will hear the prostitute Xiang Yi said, then what is the meaning of prostitutes? In general, prostitutes are popular, that is, men’s fragrances that are popular with girls can kill girls directly. So what are the perfumes of prostitutes? Let’s take a look at it!

What is the meaning of prostitutes? It means perfume that can be directly killed by a woman.

Some scientists have said that the most solid memory of people is the sense of smell. Sometimes we suddenly smell a taste that may suddenly remind you of summer when you were a child. Some people you have seen before can even remember the mood at that time.

If you want to have a unique memory point, maybe a bottle of perfume is also a good choice.

For perfume, everyone has their own preferences. It is said that the female fragrance is used to please women, and the male fragrance is used to please men. Therefore, many girls think that the smell of perfume may not be so good in the eyes of boys, and often feel that most of the good news is female friends.

Which fragrance is the prostitute?

Armani sentimental men’s fragrance

QQ screenshot 20180802125645.jpg

This fragrance is all-round and one of the best-selling men in the world! ACQUA DI GIO is a man’s elegant temperament, simple and natural, but always irresistible, a fresh and pleasant woody fragrance.

Top notes: lemon, orange, bergamot

Middle notes: clove, fennel, lavender

After adjustment: sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss peppermint oil

Gucci sinful men’s fragrance

The sin-loving men’s fragrance exudes a confident, tempting fern fragrance that evokes a vibrant youthful vibrancy and demonstrates male masculinity. The top tone stimulates the senses, the middle orange flower fragrance presents charm and enthusiasm, the base tone exudes a new aromatic charm, and has the power to seduce!

Top notes: lemon, lavender

Middle note: orange flower

After the adjustment: patchouli, cedar


ESSENTIAL Men’s Spray Eau de Toilette is a fresh, water-inspired men’s fragrance. The most distinctive feature is the addition of a floral fragrance of Helveltolide’s new musk, which is a distinctive masculine charm.

Top notes: grapefruit, mint, citrus, lemon leaf

Middle notes: geranium, ocean, rosemary, lavender

After adjustment: patchouli, musk, rock rose, vetiver

BVLGARI Navy Men’s Eau de Toilette

Vibrant Marine Energy Men’s Fragrance has a unique fragrance character, with a bit of orange and rosemary. The casual and meticulous masculine style is evident in this vibrant, fresh and natural fragrance. Girls are also good to use!

Top notes: bitter orange leaves, oranges, oranges

Middle notes: seaweed, lavender, cotton

After the adjustment: patchouli, cedar, woody, amber, sage


Chanel Azure Perfume

Fragrance: Wood Amber Fragrance EDP

Top notes: citrus, grapefruit, mint, pink pepper, nutmeg

Middle notes: cedar, labdanum

After adjustment: Jasmine, Patchouli

This perfume really appeals to girls, and it has strong excitement when it is sprayed on the body. It is a cool boy. It took a while to slowly become a gentler, more stable man.

In general, this taste gives people a feeling of being more inclined to a charming man, a hormonal taste of walking, which is probably a feeling of ecstasy, especially charming.

From the moment I saw the bottle, I was firmly attracted. The blue-black bottle is mysterious and calm, with an unruly atmosphere.

And still the same paragraph of Chen Weizhen oh ~ If you happen to have 8 pieces of abdominal muscles, then what are you waiting for, quickly get it!


YSL Tianzhizizi Men’s Cologne

The main tone of this fragrance is woody

Top notes: Chinese ginger, lemon peel, ozone

Middle notes: violet leaves, basil flowers, white pepper

After the adjustment: Haitian vetiver root, cedarwood, tonka bean

Many girls say that this perfume is too addictive and very addictive.

It’s clean and elegant, it’s fresh and comfortable, it makes people feel the sunshine.

Reference price: 500 RMB (60ML)

VERSACE Pour Homme classic of the same name

Also belonging to woody notes

It’s a little selfish here.

Because I personally prefer woody notes

Therefore, it is recommended that these models have a slight bias towards woody

Top notes: bergamot, neroli, alfalfa, bitter orange leaves

Middle notes: geranium, sage, blue hyacinth, cedar

After adjustment: Udemu, amber ore, tonka bean, musk

This perfume has a long-lasting fragrance that is sprayed on the wrist.

The scent can be kept until the next day.

The taste is still very heavy. Individual boys may not accept it.

Reference price: 300 RMB (50ML)

HERMES Hermes Earth Eau de Toilette

This perfume is classic

I have been using it myself.

It also has the same type of shower gel

The taste is the same

Top notes: grapefruit, orange

Middle notes: patchouli, celestial, rose

After adjustment: sweet pepper, vetiver, benzoin, fir

It tastes natural, it keeps a touch of fragrance every day.

Reference price: 350 RMB (50ML)

John Varvatos

a perfume completely conquered by the value

Appearance using rattan craft

In fact, it is more suitable for summer use.

Top notes: Kleinmann red orange, tangerine, thyme, marjoram

Middle notes: orange blossom, ginger, lavender, jasmine

After adjustment: woody, amber, musk

Leave the fragrance not lasting for 3 to 4 hours

Fresh and elegant taste. Neutral perfume

I heard that after spraying this perfume, it will become that.

Blue shirt standing in the sun

Reference price: 300 RMB (75ML)



The smell of this perfume is called

“The taste of the morning afterward”

Edison Chen on the ins

Also, PO has this perfume

I can have a taste with the goddess, I am happy when I think about it.

Top notes: bergamot, orange, cardamom

Middle notes: cypress, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, sola, carrot seeds

After adjustment: violet, musk, patchouli

The same series also has a lady perfume

Male fragrance, partial woody fragrance, female fragrance, floral fragrance, very sweet and sweet

Girls who like sweet taste can consider

I heard that mixing two perfumes will surprise you.

Reference price: 470 RMB (50ML)

How to buy perfume and smell

High-quality perfume with pure aroma and long-lasting time.

According to the level of perfume and toilet water, it is divided into a special grade, grade A, grade B and grade C. The fragrance of the special perfume sprayed on the fabric should be kept for not less than 70 hours, and the floral type should be no less than 60 hours.

Inferior perfumes may have a pungent alcoholic odor or other unpleasant odor, and the fragrance will remain for a short period of time.

In daily life, women should choose Class A or above for the selection of perfumes, and Class B and Class C should be used for health purposes.

Look at the color

Premium perfumes are generally formulated with natural flavors and have their own color. Mostly amber, brown. The high-quality perfume is clear and transparent, with high definition and no precipitation. The perfume does not change color within 24 hours at 30 degrees Celsius.

Inferior perfumes generally contain pigments that are prone to discoloration.

Pick packaging

Visual and olfactory achieve a high degree of unity. The level of sophistication of the package is directly proportional to the quality of the product.

When choosing a perfume, pay attention to the seal of the perfume bottle. Generally speaking, there should be no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. The packaging of the perfume is regular, the product packaging pattern is clear, the appearance is flawless, and the product has no signs of leakage. Perfume with a spray head should be flexible.

Interior perfumes are often not packed in a fine manner. Any problems such as bottle defects, improper packaging, etc. can be found at random, and some even cannot be sprayed properly.

The packaging and product information of the perfume at the time of purchase should be complete and consistent, and the specific specifications, information, time, etc. can be viewed.

High-quality perfumes and inferior perfumes are produced in different places, and the raw materials used are different. The perfume must be purchased in a regular store.

Try first

Apply some hints to the back of your hand before buying a perfume. If you smell comfortable and happy, you should feel good after you smell it.

Make a comparison

When there are a lot of perfumes to choose from, but there are phobias, choose the top 2-3 testimonials, wait for a short period of time, compare the concentration, fragrance, and consider the persistence before making a decision.

Ps: The right amount of perfume can be sprayed, too irritating

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