The new MARSEVEN brand release, Lose in water record the feeling of emptying

As a fashion brand newcomer with mysterious elegance and colorful colors, Marseven fashion jewelry brand has been recognized and recognized by more and more stars and hipsters.

The series of Lose in water is planned to be presented to everyone at the beginning of this year. The material has been chosen to be clear acrylic, combined with precious metals. The difference is that this series plays the overlapping effect of acrylic. I believe that you will wear deep jewelry. Interesting and special. This time, instead of starting from the material, I used jewelry as a language to record the feelings, such as a relaxing mood like a diary, and the overall shape is more dynamic.


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)

Psychedelic tiles, lifebuoys, the sun, water droplets and waves will sway for your daily walks, so the idea of ​​being empty is more like a dream scene.


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)



(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)



(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)



(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)

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Q: In this series, where is your most memorable place, which one do you like the most?

M: The most profound thing is to use jewelry to record his own favorite state, surrounded by water. I like the glasses chain the most, because as a senior myopia patient, I always hope that I can make a jewelry that can interact with my glasses.

Q: Seeing that you mentioned water to let you go, what other way to record emotions besides this?

M:When I was in the car, it was also a very comfortable state. I could sleep at any time, and I could wake up at any time. Everything would be in my mind.

Q: If you want to wear one by one, what can you share with you?

M: My collocation experience is that the simpler the clothes, the more exaggerated jewellery, and the jewellery to light up your styling.

Q:I really want to know what hidden eggs are in this jewelry~

M:There is a logo in the logo of a jewelry. It is an element that proves that there is water on Mars. It is actually from the fantasy of my childhood. If you can soak in the swimming pool in space, it is definitely relaxing. So which one is waiting for you to discover it.


(MARSEVEN new product | Lose in water)