Introduction: On July 5, 2018, the 2018 Dalang Maozhi Promotion Conference and the 17th “Weaving Fair” press conference were held in Beijing. Yang Jichao, vice president of China Textile Industry Association and president of China Knitting Industry Association, Peng Yanli, President of China Wool Textile Industry Association, Lin Yunfeng, Vice Chairman of Textile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wei Lin, Director of Media Center of China Textile Industry Federation, Xie Jinbo, Party Secretary of Dalang Town, Fu Ranken, Member of Dalang Town Party Committee, Ye Shufan, member of the Langzhen Party Committee, Wang Zhongyu, member of the Dalang Town Party Committee, Deng Hongyu, deputy mayor of Dalang Town, Ye Jianhua, vice chairman of the Dalang Town People’s Congress, relevant associations and nearly 100 media attended the event.

New Weaving City New Charm New Shengfang - 2018 Dalang Maozhi Promotion Conference and the 17th

It is reported that this year’s “Weaving Fair” will be held in Dalang from November 3rd to 5th with the theme of “Charming·New Weaving City”. The reporter learned from the Dalang Wool Textile Industry Management Committee that the exhibition area of ​​the exhibition exceeded 200,000 square meters and the number of booths was nearly 2,000. At present, the exhibition rate has reached 60%, and the yarn area will also be unveiled at the current “Weaving Fair”. It is worth mentioning that this year’s “Weaving Fair” will start from “new” and combine the three elements of “brand”, “culture” and “internet +” to create a never ending textile fair.

3000A number of woolen enterprises have been brought to the “Star Avenue”
In recent years, Dalang has built a number of colored roads such as Meijing Road, Songfo Road, Yingbin Road and Fukang Road, and “Star Avenue” with its unique urban upgrading method. It has upgraded Fumin South Road and Changsheng South Road. To achieve “the street” and “long street”, “pilot” and “demonstration”, Dalang achieved the “three consecutive championships” of the national civilized town in one fell swoop, and was hailed as the first “color city” in Guangdong.

The improvement of urban quality not only enhances the citizens’ sense of acquisition and happiness, but also enhances Dalang’s comprehensive economic development strength and regional competitiveness. The completion of “Xingguang Avenue” of Fukang Road Maozhi Professional Street has brought business opportunities to more than 3,000 woolen enterprises and industrial and commercial households around the street. The rent of street shops has increased by 20%, and the total revenue of the land-based community has increased by 30%. Projects such as the Textile Creative Industry Center and the Global Trade Plaza are also experiencing booming opportunities.

In addition, Dalang also actively promotes the construction progress of key projects in the Trade City such as the Lane Innovation Building; optimizes the cooperation and management of the Wool Trade Center, extends the trading hours of the Wozhi Trade Center, and guides merchants to upgrade their product grades.

Whether it is the veteran Maozhi Trade Center, the emerging textile creative industry center, the Global Trade Plaza, and the 12 woolen professional streets represented by Fukang Road, they have jointly formed a complete industrial chain of Dalang woolen industry. It has played a key role in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and rebuilding, strengthening industrial support, driving urbanization development, and promoting the integration of production and city.

Yarn area debut at the Weaving Fair
Over the years, while the woolen fabric industry has continued to develop, the woollen yarn industry that is matched with it has been continuously gathering and improving, becoming a new bright spot in the Dalang woolen industry. At present, Dalang Town has registered nearly 2,000 yarn-related enterprises, forming three professional yarn sales streets of Fukang Road, Fuhua North Road and Shentang Road, with annual sales of 30 billion yuan, becoming the country’s largest wool yarn. The line distribution base was awarded the “China Wool Yarn Distribution Base” by the China Wool Textile Industry Association.

In March of this year, the China Knitting Industry Association fancy yarn yarn branch was established, the secretariat was set up in Dalang, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dalang. In November, the China Needle Association Fancy Yarn Branch also planned to organize outstanding enterprises to participate in the branch. This year’s Dalang “Weaving Fair”. In April this year, Dalang held the Dongguan (Dalang) Textile Yarn Exhibition for the first time. 32 domestic high-quality textile yarn enterprises participated in the exhibition, and the product range reached 400, which achieved good results. It is reported that the yarn exhibition will continue to be held as a supplement to the “Weaving Fair”.

At the 17th “Weaving Fair”, Dalang will create a yarn area to further integrate high-quality yarn resources, help enterprises to more easily and centrally grasp the development trend of the industry, understand the latest yarn styles, and realize exhibitors and buyers. The high precision of the enterprise and the market. During the “Weaving Fair”, the “2018 National Wool Textile Industry Cluster Work Exchange Conference” hosted by China Wool Textile Industry Association will be hosted. At that time, the leaders of 30 industrial clusters will gather in Dalang to jointly develop the yarn industry. .

It is also known that Dalang will also plan to establish a yarn association to enhance the cohesiveness of the industry and promote self-discipline in the industry, together with Dongguan Wool Textile Industry Association, Dongguan Textile Machinery Industry Association, Dongguan Maozhi Fashion Designers Association, Dalang Together with the Town E-Commerce Association, a more complete industry service system will be formed to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Dalang sweater industry.

Three elements work together to create a “new” weaving fair
The reporter was informed that the 17th “Weaving Fair” will start from “new” and combine the three elements of “brand”, “culture” and “internet +” to create a “weaving fair that will never end.”

As an important platform to display the Dalang woolen culture and the woolen people’s spirit, the “Weaving Fair” will continue to build the cultural attributes of the woolen industry and meet people’s expectations and needs for the woolen culture. The 17th “Weaving Fair” will further enrich the “Weaving Fair” woolen cultural activities with the “Mao Weaving Festival” as a carrier to create a woolly culture with Dalang characteristics: continue to hold designer forums and increase the woolen industry. Mobile photography contest, children’s model contest and other activities; continue to do a good job in online design competition, woolen clothing design competition, static release of spring and summer fashion trends and dynamic release of autumn and winter fashion trends, and invite authoritative experts and well-known scholars in the industry at home and abroad Summits or seminars on the frontier issues of the woolen industry, development trends or hot issues of common concern to enterprises.

In addition, this year’s “Weaving Fair” will show its scientific and technological attributes, and is committed to innovating exhibition services and creating an online exhibition platform to provide more comprehensive value for woolen enterprises. At the 17th “Weaving Fair”, the audience will see a number of formed online trading platforms such as Dalang and Dalang, as well as platforms such as Alibaba Dalang Wool “Amoy Factory”. The whole industry chain, such as fabrics, design, ready-to-wear, and channels, provide seamless intercommunication services for Dalang and even domestic and foreign woolen enterprises. The “Weaving Fair” on the Internet is also reflected in the propaganda model. The “Weaving Fair” official website and Dalang Maozhi WeChat public number will provide free image and product display platform for exhibitors and Dalang local market merchants. Chain companies provide a free online communication and cooperation platform.