Samsung Galaxy A9s, using four-shot capture network red punch card

Red all over the Instagram red card, casually a shot is a big feeling. But going abroad can’t avoid a lot of expenses and boat rides. For most people, there is a heart that wants to punch. In fact, if you want to go to the Internet, you don’t have to go abroad. There are also a lot of net red cards in China.

Samsung Galaxy A9s “a picture of the explosion of friends circle” interactive H5, with the rear four cameras to capture 30 attractions in eight cities across the country, go to a foreign money almost all. Open the “A picture of the explosion of friends circle” H5, maybe the heart of the network red card is on your side.

Speaking of the network red card, you have to mention Hong Kong, a city with a unique style, you want to take a “Hong Kong style” blockbuster must come here to punch cards.

Hong Kong – Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is one of the earliest public housing estates in Hong Kong. The rainbow-colored façade makes the building look fresh and beautiful like a rainbow. Many net reds come to take pictures. The entire building was built using the 120° super wide-angle shot of the Samsung Galaxy A9s.

Hong Kong – Monster Building

Haishan Building, Seaview Building, Fuchang Building, Yichang Building and Yifa Building are collectively known as the Monster Building. The five buildings just spelled into a giant E-shaped, rich Hong Kong-style building, with its magnificent appearance and strong sense of density, it also became the location of the Hollywood movie “Transformers 4”, and the famous photographers also competed. Come here to shoot.

Hong Kong – Nanshan Village

Nanshan Village can be said to be a classic in public housing estates. The ground and underground are shops and markets. Above the shops are large platforms. It is a famous public housing estate in Hong Kong. The exclusive playground here records the collective memories of Hong Kong people. This large platform is surrounded by three-sided buildings. The gradient color of the building and the perfect composition of the building are very suitable for photo punching.

No night scenes, no Chongqing. Those who can’t go to Hong Kong can consider the night view of Chongqing. The night scene in Chongqing is known as the “small Hong Kong”, and it is said that “there is no night view.” The unique mountain scenery with layers of lights, the night is dotted with dreams and embarrassment.

Chongqing – Yu Huali

The “Bali Bird’s Nest” attraction in Hualili, under the backdrop of Yingying lighting, uses the dark light shooting function of Samsung Galaxy A9 s to take pictures of the night view of the mountain city and the starry sky, full of romantic style. In addition, it overlooks the night scenes of the five districts including Banan District, Nan’an District, Jiulongpo District, Yuzhong District and Jiangbei District.

Chongqing – 贰 factory

The Goose Ridge Factory is known for its film “Let’s pass through your world” and is the new place for literary youth to get the most out of the card. The waste factory that was decades ago has now lived in the most literary way. The night of the factory is like a change of appearance, under the blue-violet light, highlighting the trend and fashion.

Chongqing – Luo Zhongli Art Museum

The overall color of the museum’s reddish color gives a strong visual impact and the color is very strong. The broken tiles are pieced together and various styles of graffiti are covered. Bold color and color impact, full of vitality, you can shoot large pieces without a filter.

But the weather is so cold, it is really difficult to come and say a trip. Don’t worry, go to the Galloway community now and enter the “Hit a Touch of Friends Circle” H5. You can also go to 30 net red punch cards at home, and there are surprise prizes waiting for you