Hua Deng at the beginning Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ 邂逅 your Shanghai dream

On April 11th, Samsung held the Galaxy S9|S9+ media tasting in Shanghai. Through the demonstrations of a series of functions such as condensing time shooting, dark light beauty shooting, Bixby, dynamic shooting, etc., the old-fashioned Western Ocean on the Bund will be launched at night. The monuments of architecture and modern skyscrapers are recorded one by one. The superior performance and extraordinary charm of the Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ are undoubtedly in front of the participating media. And Samsung also shared a lot of excellent photography and photography skills with the participating media, so that the Galaxy S9|S9+ can record more good moments.

Wonderful moments

The Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ has a condensing time shooting function that captures 960 frames per second accurately and stretches the 0.2 second moment to 6 seconds. In the on-site demonstration, we can clearly see the gold powder jumping on the wedding dress, and the ink dances in the clear water. These fleeting beauty are recorded by the shooting function of the condensate, and every detail is vividly displayed, as if it were a wonderful film shot by professional high-speed photography equipment. Condensed shooting also has a convenient editing function, you can add background music after video shooting, and you can also choose playback mode such as reverse, loop, and swing. If you want to check this wonderful moment at any time, the condensate time can also be added to the lock screen of the Galaxy S9|S9+, and you can relive it anytime, anywhere.

Perfect night view

The beauty of the Bund must be felt at night to experience its charm. However, the Bund at night always faces the problem of insufficient light. The Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ is known as the “Night Vision” and has an intelligent variable aperture designed by the human eye. It can intelligently switch between F1.5 and F2.4. Under the dark light of night, the super-large aperture of F1.5 can get a larger amount of light, which makes the dark light shooting works better. When using ordinary mobile phones to take pictures, people often have the regret of “black face”. If you want to make your photos look like a pupil, you only need a Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+, you can turn the regrets into extraordinary.

Smart life at your fingertips

When you enjoy the night view on the Bund, if you have a fine wine, it will naturally add a lot of color. Bixby, an artificial intelligence platform powered by the Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+, based on augmented reality technology and deep learning technology, the current Bixby vision can support visual recognition of a variety of scenes, including translation, location, shopping, wine recognition and more. For example, when we open the English menu or want to know the imported red wine in our hands, the mobile phone camera can help you explore exotic culture and expand your world with Augmented Reality Assistant.

Expressing love is fresh and interesting

When we use the Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ to capture beautiful moments, we can upload photos on social platforms to share with family and friends. However, if we want to share the joy, it may be difficult to express our feelings with photos alone. At this time, you can try personalized dynamic shooting. To create a dynamic shot, just open the front camera, the system will automatically convert the portrait into a 3D stereo mode, simulate the user’s various complex expressions, and generate 18 vivid GIF expression packs. In this social era of “no need for words, as long as the map”, with a customized expression pack, you can become a dynamic business card to express yourself and enjoy new social fun.

Stylish cities, beautiful night scenes, wonderful moments, and exquisite dishes must be presented with the most professional camera phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ Shanghai line combines the ultimate innovation black technology with life to inspire unlimited creativity and inspiration.