Smart Ocean - innovative seat from the ocean to the office

Among all the more harmful marine plastic wastes, the impact of abandoned fishing nets is particularly acute. Every year, 640,000 tons of fishing nets are thrown into the sea, drifting in the ocean for many years, and often washed up on coral reefs, damaging or even destroying such fragile ecosystems.

Humanscale has always strived to positively influence the environment. We are committed to making the products perform flawlessly while minimizing the consumption of limited resources on the planet. Now we are launching the first ergonomics made from recycled nets. Seat – Smart Ocean.

Sustainable design concept

Smart Ocean seat components contain nearly 2 pounds (about 907 grams) of recyclable materials, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Humanscale has partnered with the latest partner, Bureo, to use recycled materials from Bureo’s Net+Positiva program. These abandoned fishing nets are processed and converted into recycled nylon pellets for use in the manufacture of Smart Ocean seats. Smart Ocean is the world’s first ergonomic chair made from recycled fishing nets. It is certified by the Living Product Challenge to meet the most stringent sustainable manufacturing standards to date. At the same time, all DiffrientSmart series seats have reached the GREENGUARD Gold indoor green air standard, and the birth of each Smart Ocean seat is a solid step towards achieving our vision of manufacturing self-sustainable products.


This Smart Ocean seat, featuring a unique linear design, is the ideal furniture for any beautiful environment. The smart three-seat mesh backrest of the Smart Ocean seat fits the user’s figure like a custom shirt. The idea comes from Humanscale’s revolutionary sensor network technology and seamless functionality, as well as the use of Humanscale’s weight-sensitive system. Create a self-locking tilt mechanism. Like the Diffrient Smart seat, the Smart Ocean seat can be adjusted to fit the size and weight of the user, providing instant lumbar support and perfect reclining, as if each seat is tailored to them.

Easy to use

The Smart Ocean seat is convenient for the user and does not require any instructions or manual adjustments. It is ideal for workstations, conference rooms, reception areas and home offices. Driven by functionality, Smart Ocean has an eternal beauty in any workspace. In addition, the Smart Ocean has a lightweight design that minimizes the environmental impact of its shipping. Made from 100% recycled aluminum, its simple modular design makes disassembly and maintenance easier, eliminating the need to replace the worn seat.

product features:

ž Unique linear design can be integrated into any environment.

ž Innovative weight-sensitive system’s self-locking tilt mechanism with 20-speed motion adjustment, which perfectly adjusts the tension and tilt angle according to the user’s weight.

ž The 7-speed automatic revolving backrest provides perfect support for the back regardless of posture.

ž The unique armrest design is attached to the back frame to provide full support at all angles.

ž The three-sided backrest developed by the special network technology provides comfortable back support for all postures.

ž The modular design makes this product easy to maintain and allows the user to update the appearance of the chair over time.

ž The contour of the seat cushion is based on the shape of the body, and the drop-shaped edge provides a long-term comfort. This cushion also reduces pressure points and provides a reasonable weight distribution.

ž This product has a 15-year warranty.

About Humanscale:

Humanscale is a leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products to enhance the health and comfort of people at work. In line with the concept of doing more with less, since 2007, Humanscale’s product design has won more than 150 prestigious awards and has been included as a collection by many museums including the Museum of Modern Art.