Sports Fitness Flag in the 2019 wish list Huawei WATCH GT helps you achieve!

Less than a month before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig, some small friends have spent the past year’s spending list in the circle of friends to commemorate those exciting “hands-on” experiences; some of them are busy standing. Flag, waved goodbye to 2018, and made the wishes and goals of 2019.

Recently, “set your New Year Flag” H5 hot friends circle, according to survey statistics, in the 2019 Flag, “hope yourself and your family health” desires appear the most frequently, Pa Ping Flag list. And, insisting on exercise and fitness has become the preferred way to maintain good health. However, some netizens said that it is easy to exercise and fitness, but it is difficult to implement.

Worried about the half-way “face” partner, today, Xiaobian recommended an outdoor smart watch with two weeks of super-powerful and a variety of sports and fitness modes, it is HUAWEI WATCH GT. With its companionship and assistance, I believe that you will be able to adhere to the 2019 fitness goal!

Solve small problems in sports, professional companion for longer

According to the official statistics of iResearch, about 62.2% of sports and fitness users think that the main trouble in the exercise process is that it is difficult to adhere to it for a long time, and the main reason for this problem is that the exercise effect is not good. People not only want to find partners in sports, but also encourage themselves to persist. At the same time, they also hope to obtain professional sports guidance. Although fitness coaches can do this, private tutoring is expensive and limited by time and space.

The smart watch worn on the wrist can not only achieve sports assistance, but also ensure that you exercise more freely. HUAWEI WATCH GT has deep technical cooperation with the world’s leading motion algorithm company FirstBeat, which can provide users with evaluation of athletic ability, scientific exercise methods and recommendation of sports individualization.

Specifically, this watch can support a variety of sports modes, such as hiking, cross-country running, outdoor walking, running, cycling, swimming, free training and other daily sports scenes, you can find on the watch. In different modes, the watch supports motion data tracking for the corresponding scene.

(Picture from ice Chen Bing)

Take the popular outdoor jogging and hiking modes as an example. HUAWEI WATCH GT can provide data monitoring such as heart rate, speed, distance, time, etc. At the same time, the watch also supports data statistics of steps and stride, users can This adjusts the speed for better exercise.

In addition, wearing the HUAWEI WATCH GT, you don’t have to think about the time and place of exercise, you can complete the fitness anytime, anywhere. After the exercise, through the Huawei Sports Health App, you can also share your sports data to your friends and make yourself more motivated.

Pay attention to the small details in life, health monitoring is more intimate

In addition to maintaining health through exercise, “Don’t stay up late” in “Set your New Year’s Flag” has become a hot target for many young people to start a healthy life. Working overtime, taking care of children, gathering with friends… Let “day and night” become a commonplace label in first-tier cities. There are also many people who have suffered from insomnia due to mental stress, nervousness, or watching electronic devices for a long time before going to bed. They have to stay up all night.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT is also very professional in helping people adjust their unhealthy living conditions and improve their sleep quality. The watch is equipped with Huawei’s self-developed TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology, which enables real-time, accurate and heart rate monitoring in different scenarios. At rest, users can be provided with heart rate rise reminders, continuous pressure monitoring and early warning services.

When sleeping at night, with the sleep mode, HUAWEI WATCH GT can monitor your sleep quality throughout the process. Through the analysis of the heart rate and heart rate variability of the human body, combined with the movement of the wrist, the watch can give you accurate detection of sleep time and sleep, analysis of sleep structure, provide users with sleep quality scores, assist users to solve difficulties in falling asleep, shallow sleep, etc. Sleep problem.

(Picture from ice Chen Bing)

It is particularly worth mentioning that the HUAWEI WATCH GT with sports and health features also has excellent endurance. Under typical use, the watch can last for two weeks. It can be said that whether it is a “sports companion” or a health monitoring service, HUAWEI WATCH GT is the best guardian to help you achieve your health wishes. So, in your Pig Year wish list, should you add this smart watch?