The latest issue of the star private service street shooting, Jiang Shuying a white powder look, full of spring and vitality wear; Zhong Chuyi this men’s printed shirt with black pants, the heroic Miss sister picked up the sleeves of a single handbag look It’s too embarrassing; Wu Xuanyi wore a pink-purple gold-silver sweater with jeans full of girls’ fan; Yang Yulin wore a camel short-sleeved turtleneck sweater with high-waisted jeans, and a 1.8-meter visual sense…

Jiang Shuying appeared at the airport to depart Milan Fashion Week, tod’s naked pink jacket with a white match, a pink look, avatar pink peach, full of spring vitality wear?

Jiang Shuying’s latest private service photo, blue shirt with white knit hat and retro glasses frame, shoulders with a slightly cool little scent jacket, full of intellectual charm.

Ni Ni went to the airport look of Milan Fashion Week, wearing a red Gucci letter printed knit with light-colored slim jeans, printed old shoes and red velvet handbags full of retro feeling, wearing a bow sunglasses is more delicate and playful.

Zhong Chuyu appeared at the airport. This Louis Vuitton men’s printed top is paired with black pants. Although it is a big print, it is handsome and casual. The silver LV duffel bag is simply a walking reflector, and the heroic suffocating sister’s look at the sleeves of a single handbag is too horrible.

Qiao Xin set off for Milan Fashion Week, a suit and skirt style is still very eye-catching, she chose a pink blue tone polka-dot suit skirt, the general suit always gives a very handsome and casual feeling, and Qiao Xin The selected one is slightly waisted, and the skirt of the lower body is the same as the suit of the suit. The connection is very compact, with a pink bag, the shade of pink and blue makes the fresh temperament from top to bottom.

Rose appeared at the airport to start Milan Fashion Week, denim clothes with A-line dress, mix and match MOSCHINO cool black palace wind jacket, with white handbags and booties, instant gas field up, cool and beautiful ~

Rose’s airport street shot, a full set of denim and khaki windbreaker, with a small white baseball cap, feel the breath of spring ~

Rocket Girl 101 Wu Xuanyi appeared in Beijing Airport, pink purple gold and silver sweater with jeans full of girls, children’s shoes, sneakers and fisherman hats are fresh and fashionable.

Chen Duoling appeared at the airport. This is where the big lady is coming. It is a standard sister look that the parents will praise when they watch the holidays. The pink-blue coat is paired with the bezel of the same color, cute and gentle. The brown handbag is elegant. + Invincible good-looking smile, is a warm and beautiful Miss.

Liu Tao appeared at Beijing Airport and was invited to Milan Fashion Week to attend the ETRO 2019 Women’s Big Show in autumn and winter. He wore a khaki print jacket and Paisley white T and blue jeans, with embroidered neon bags and white shoes.

Jin Chen appeared at the airport for the Fashion Week. The top is an oversized striped sweater with a slightly longer white shirt, revealing a corner of the shirt. You can make the whole set live by playing the “careful machine”. The school’s windy striped socks are paired with sneakers, playful and cute.

Han Xue appeared at the airport, and a large area of ​​ginger was accidentally easy to wear. The face was yellow and thin, with striped high heels and classic beige handbags. Today is also an elegant lady.

Zhou Jieqiong private service, white Teddy bear coat with jeans, wearing a yellow hat, Lantern Festival rehearsal girls wearing.

Yang Yulin’s latest private service photo, Stylenanda camel short-sleeved turtleneck sweater with high-waist jeans, foot celine grandma shoes, shot a 1 meter 8 visual sense.

The new strength Xiaohua Yuan Bingyan released a set of boyfriend’s street shooting, pink sweater with jeans, relaxed and sweet film texture reveals a unique and comfortable mood, free and comfortable, a smile, very embarrassing.

鞠婧祎 appeared at Shanghai Airport, a five-pointed star sweater with tight pants, full of vitality!

Wang Hao appeared at the airport, the instructor who was full of anger. This slender straight leg is really enviable and hateful. The black is clean and casual, with a green velvet long coat to walk with the wind. Chanel handbags are classic and versatile.

Lin Zhiling appeared at the airport, wearing a red court style embroidered shirt with skinny pants, and then paired with golden high boots, big show legs!

Yan Shuxin’s “My Wonderful Boyfriend 2’s Love and Forget” has exceeded 500 million. Little girl is happy, simple slogan sweater with side striped sweatpants, comfortable and beautiful.

Huang Shengyi set off for Milan Fashion Week in 2019 autumn and winter, goose yellow embroidery sweater with new printed dress, ponytail playful age.