Story Mark, customize your wedding ring with your love story

The wedding ring originated from the Roman era. Wearing a ring-shaped ring on the ring finger has become a way for men and women to promise each other. Since then, the wedding ring has become an indispensable love token in the wedding. At the wedding, the wedding ring is a testimony of the oath; in the long flowing time, the wedding ring is the most moving footnote of “I love you.”

Since the wedding ring has such an important meaning for love, then the choice of the wedding ring may be the most important decision on the way to the two. In Europe, more and more couples who have entered the marriage give up the traditional diamond ring of top brands such as Cartier and Chaumet. Instead, they have a special liking for the exclusive custom wedding ring designed for themselves. Story Mark is a new favorite in Europe that is popular among couples. It is founded by a group of talented young designers who are dedicated to integrating every love story into the wedding ring design so that loved ones can Have their own unique wedding ring.

This is a ring with a story

In the traditional wedding ring concept, the so-called “customization” is actually based on the original style to change the shape of the diamond, the material of the arm and other geometric overlay. But such a ring loses its own meaning of love, like a fine jewelry, but no soul. Story Mark insists on exclusive customization based on the customer’s love story. First, listen to the style that the customer likes, meet the past, and then refine each story into a design inspiration and inject it into the design draft. Let each pair of loved ones enjoy the exclusive customization service of the top design team, and have the wedding ring with a unique love story. It is the philosophy that Story Mark runs through.


This is a ring that belongs to you only.

There is a joke in the young people of Europe – how many days can the church priest witness the exchange of the same ring for the newlyweds? The royal jewellery brand can create an exquisite diamond ring that can be admired by its exquisite appearance, but it does not represent the unique feelings between each pair of lovers. The top brands are loved by many people, but each Story Mark is only for yourself. In Story Mark’s philosophy, listening to the guest’s story is the most important thing, because only in this way can the most unique and touching part of love be integrated into the art design to create an exclusive love token belonging to each couple.

Kisses – will be the most loved when the wedding ring is engraved

Connie and Fabian met on the Internet and quickly fell in love after meeting. Although they only loved each other for half a year, they have become an indispensable part of each other’s life. When customizing the wedding ring, they said that they want to design each other in the wedding ring, because in this life will remember the way they most love each other. The Story Mark designer compares the sweet photos of the two, after many days of repeated consideration, finally presents the most perfect side in the wedding ring, and this beautiful side face like a silhouette of a kiss, meaning that in love, never Change the initial heart, create a pair of wedding rings that belong only to each other.


Kiss the side face designed according to the two people’s appearance, imprint the most loved look

Map – we are together, the world

Lisa met Jones when she was on a business trip to Australia. At first sight, they fell in love regardless of the boundaries of the region. In the five-year relationship between the two sides of the continent, they had argued and had tears, but never thought about giving up. Because they trust them, they finally break through all the difficulties and promise each other to do their lives.

The designer created this special wedding ring, using the world map to prove the true feelings of Lisa and Jone. The red sapphire on the ring lights up each other’s position. Ruby represents Lisa, sapphire represents Jones, two rings Put together and become a complete map of the world.


The wonderful picture of the world map confirms the emotions of different places, the traces of love of red sapphire

The loved one promises that lifelong is a particularly touching feeling, and the oath of this oath is to use that special ring. Use the unique wedding ring in the world to make you love.