Symphony of Science and Technology: P9 Leica Double Lens Leading the New Trend of Photography

Bresson, known as the “father of photojournalism”, tried to escape the reputation, but his reputation never left him. Throughout his life, Bresson left a large number of masterpieces familiar to the world. Behind the stunned pieces is Bresson’s hand-held Leica, carefully sculpted in a 1/60-second shutter speed and a 50-mm fixed-focus lens.


Because of the sorrow between Bresson and Leica, and because of the tacit understanding between each other, Magnum had only a decisive moment. Whether Bresson has achieved Leica or Leica has made Bresson, people have tasted the artistic atmosphere in each piece, and the negatives and film exude a strong atmosphere, so that people can experience the shock of art photography. The artistic charm. After 50 years, this charm has not been yellowed by time, but because of the implantation of technological elements, only Leica can play such a melody of symphony – the birth of Huawei P9, the inheritance of the century-old culture of Leica and modern On behalf of Huawei, the smartphones hit a beautiful fireworks and performed a fantastic visual feast at the forefront of technology.

No one ever imagined that Huawei and Leica, the two original brands, came together to enjoy the ultimate image and intelligent experience, and redefine the optical level of photography in the cooperation mode of “Co-Engineer”. , quality control, and in the creation of the lens module, is also full of deep Leica flavor. At the same time, Huawei’s years of experience in the field of communications has caused the wisdom of the two to collide, and the resulting chemical reaction has spawned the Huawei P9 dual camera labeled SUMMARIT H. The Cokemark has become a unique logo on the Huawei P9, and Huawei’s achievements in the field of intelligence have also made this world-famous work a jewel in the hands of fashion art professionals.

Combining the two classics of rich classic culture and cool fashion technology elements, it has swept a new trend of fashion photography. In the entertainment circle, it seems that no one is more willing to show the cute baby than Zhang Liang and Tian Liang. In the Huawei P9 full of retro and understated luxury double cameras, the two cute baby’s works seem to reveal The taste of a piece of Bresson’s “Boy” works in the interlacing of light and shadow, inheriting the style of the master, and inheriting the essence of the century-old Leica culture.