Most of the deserts in the world are in the tropics.

Mostly it won’t snow,

The largest Sahara desert in the world

It is very hot and will not snow.

But China’s largest desert,

South Taklimakan Desert (330,000 square kilometers),

The average temperature in winter is about minus four degrees.

When you encounter precipitation, do you say it will snow?

Desert and snow,

This is the two poles that are incompatible with water and fire.

But in harmony on a certain snowy day,

Form a romantic winter love song screen.

Xinjiang desert in winter

Always a vast expanse,

It is daunting!

Recently in Yuli County, southern Xinjiang

Taklimakan Desert,

It was snowed by a strong air mass attack.

Capture large deserts from the air

In the strange scene covered with snow,

You can see the river next to the desert

Suspected to have thin ice,

In sharp contrast to the general impression of the desert.

It’s snow, the “sea of death”,

It shows the tenderness everywhere.

Snowy, golden,

It’s really beautiful!

Standing among the white Populus euphratica

Become the crowning touch,

Sketch the desert more romantically,

Maybe only the desert in winter

Only with the word “romantic” can be described.

God is the best designer,

We travel all the way,

Meet the best arrangements all the way,

The most romantic snow in Xinjiang desert is dedicated to you.