Original title: The most popular sweater in the spring! N kinds of combinations you don’t know!

I know that you all want to wear the heart of spring clothes. When you are still warm,

The most warm and beautiful choiceIt must be a non-sweater, not only super warm and windy, it also looks very fashionable!

Today, I will talk about the matching of the sweaters, and the girls should not miss it!

(1) Sweater + jacket

No matter who wears a good-looking group, it should be the sweater + pants, but the salt can be sweet and the daily commute is suitable. as long asfrom

Simple with a pair of jeans, a crossbody bagIn minutes, I turned into a street shooter, effortless. If you are afraid of cold, you can be like a big cousin. Add a base to it, not only fashionable but also warm.

If you want to add a little color to the spring, you can choosefrom

Girl’s pink, white and ageOr wearing a white sweater, especially small and fresh, with denim shorts or tights, full of youthful vitality.

The casual sweaters seem to make people more lively, whether it is color or gray and white, they are everyday versatile.from

You can wear it when you go to school.It can be completely matched with no effort.

The small black pants are also chic, full of eye-catching, bright-colored sweaters will be extraordinarily youthful and beautiful.

(two) sweater + skirt

I didn’t think that the neutral sweater and the gentle skirt were not inconsistent, and it looked so good. momentfrom

Neutralized the neutral atmosphere of the sweater, turned into a gentle little woman.

The style of the sweater is actually not so diverse. When you mix it with the skirt, you have tofrom

Focus on the details of the lower bodyThe style of the skirt is very important. You can choose the personality and the fashion to match. You can have your own style, and you won’t hit the shirt with others.

If you want to be higher, you canfrom

Put the sweater into the skirt, raise the waistline, or tie a beltIt shows a high sense of height, with a leg length of 1 meter and 8 minutes, and the gas field is infinitely expanded.

The A-line high-waist skirt and short sweater are the highlights of the small stars. The full academic style is especially suitable for the early spring season. The age is younger and brighter. No.1, the bright color is also perfectly controlled.

(three) sweater + pants

The sweater is almost the same as all types of jackets.from

How to wear it will not go wrongof.

A white-gray sweater with any style of coat will add a sense of style.from

If the style of the hood is simple, you can choose a complex jacket.The opposite is true.

The classic solid color sweater, the overall color system is very uniform, it will not cause the cross-cut effect.from

Blue sweater is white and gentleYou can try it and give you a very clean feeling.

The style of the sweater is really a lot of tricks, get early in the early spring!