The perfect combination of sports and fashion! Fenix ​​Chronos top outdoor watch

It seems that sports watches are always difficult to get rid of the labels of electronic products. People are more accustomed to classifying them as functional products, so it is difficult to get along with fashion in everyday wear. However, Garmin, a famous American GPS brand, has made some attempts in fashion in recent years to introduce the sophisticated design of traditional advanced mechanical watches into outdoor watches, and this measure has indeed gained great results and is highly respected by outdoor sports enthusiasts. Such as the recently launched fenix
Chronos, which has the value of mechanical watches and the heart of outdoor watches, can be described as the value of the outdoor watch, let us take a look!

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The shape of the Chronos traditional mechanical watch makes it easy to create a good feeling, and it is even hard to imagine when you first saw this product, this is an outdoor watch. Indeed, from design to appearance, from craft to material selection, fenix
Chronos is strictly demanded by the standards of traditional mechanical watches. The powerful performance of outdoor functions is no reason to refuse, and the versions of three different materials also give users more choices. Which one is your dish? ?

Fenix ​​Chronos – leather strap

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This version of fenix
Chronos uses a brushed stainless steel casing, the body design is quite textured, the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) scale around the case, the temperament of traditional mechanical watches, it is equipped with the leather that business people love The strap, the brown strap is flexible and easy to wear. In addition, this watch also comes with a high quality silicone strap for users to wear in a variety of outdoor sports.

Fenix ​​Chronos – stainless steel strap

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The fenix Chronos and the fenix introduced earlier
The difference between Chronos is that it is equipped with a stainless steel strap with a brushed process. It has excellent quality and convenient butterfly buckle. It is perfectly matched with the stainless steel body with the same drawing process. For metal straps. This strap is undoubtedly the first choice for users. In addition, in order to meet the needs of users in outdoor sports, this watch also comes with a silicone strap.

Fenix ​​Chronos – titanium alloy body + titanium strap

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Unlike the previous two fenix Chronos, this fenix
Chronos uses a matte titanium alloy casing and draws on the titanium bezel. The weight of the body is significantly lighter than the previous two, which is the biggest advantage of titanium alloy. Minimize the burden. In addition to the strap, this fenix
Chronos features a titanium buckle strap made of titanium, which supports quick-release operation (removing the strap without a screwdriver) and is extremely easy to wear. Like the previous two watches, this fenix
Chronos also comes with a silicone strap.