Original title: Wudang Mountain Princespo is built on a 60-degree steep slope. It is a model of Taoist temple architecture.

As the only self-created religion in China, Taoism has had a profound and far-reaching impact on the Chinese people’s survival philosophy for thousands of years. In this process, many places of evangelism have been left, and Wudang Mountain is one of the most famous royal dojos, and its position in Chinese Taoism is paramount.

Wudang Mountain is famous for its large-scale and imposing ancient buildings. Taizipo is a model of Taoist temple architecture in Wudang Mountain. Taizipo is still the place where the legendary Emperor Wuwu once studied.

Taoism pays attention to “the nature of Taoism,” and the architecture of Wudang Mountain is naturally manifested in this concept. The construction of Taizipo is built on a steep slope of 60 degrees. During the construction, the layout is designed according to the principle that “the mountain itself does not need to be repaired”. The building is organically integrated with the surrounding environment, thus creating a combination of natural beauty and human beauty. Highly coordinated landscape.

There are four famous landscapes in Taizipo: one pillar and twelve beams, one lily and four gates, nine curved yellow river walls, and ten miles of sweet-scented osmanthus. Among them, except for a column and twelve beams, which left me with a deep impression, it was the nine yellow river wall.

Crossing a mountain gate, the red wall that is undulating and undulating on the ancient road is the nine curved yellow river wall. The tall red walls are complemented by emerald glazed tile roofs, and the imposing and luxurious architecture of the royal architecture is revealed. The Jiuqu Yellow River Wall is only 71 meters, but because of the terrain and clever layout, it gives people a sense of deep and deep. Walking in the meantime, when you are shocked, there will be an illusion of passing through time.

After the passage of time and the infiltration of wind and rain, time has printed mottled traces on the walls of the Jiuqu Yellow River. Sadly, some tourists ignored the protection of cultural relics and scribbled on the walls of the Jiuqu Yellow River. Although this is a common problem for tourists, it is a phenomenon that is common in many scenic spots, but it still makes people feel uncomfortable…

In addition to the four major landscapes, the ancestral temple, the emperor’s hall, the Tibetan classics, and the prince’s temple of Taizipo are also worthy of careful viewing.

Taizipo is a transit station for the Wudang Mountain sightseeing car. The cars going up and down the mountain will stop here. Therefore, Taizipo is also the first stop for many people to play in Wudang. Many students also deliberately went to worship the Prince to pray for academic success.

Of course, not only Taizipo, Nanyan Palace, Zixiao Palace, Taihe Palace, Jinding, Qiongtai Zhongguan, etc. of Wudang Mountain are also not to be missed.