Original title: Today we talk about Vans’s joint taste and vision

If there is a pioneer in the footwear brand that never sticks to the rules, perhaps this role belongs to Vans.

For example, Vans Never sign brand spokespersonIt is enough for Vans to maintain a high level of exposure and to occupy the corner of the sports footwear market.

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such as,Some brands will set the selling price to be high for the book number to look better.After a round of speculation, the price is beyond the budget of the average trend player.

However, Vans has been keeping the balance at both ends flat, outputting the value of the goods, and the basic and affordable basic models for the public, so that fans can choose the Vans that suits their needs.

For example, Vans seems to be “high-cold”, but in reality it is a big co-brand in the world, and almost everyone in the industry has had a spark with Vans.

Via. Eason He

In the relationship network of Vans, there are not only heavy objects in the industry, but also industry rookies with swords and slanting, and unexpected cross-border industries. Every time they join forces, they are eager to sing for the trend players. It’s a good show.

Whether it’s a basic model or a joint model, Vans’s “output” for different markets not only offers consumers a variety of options, the most admirable isIn Vans and the joint shoes in different fields, each pair is given a different story.

Want to knowMore about the interesting things between Vans and the various units, and the vision of picking up the joint names,Maybe we can start with the past cooperation.

First taste the domestic brand of Vans joint fruit,

It is a veritable trend OG.

In recent years, such as SANKUANZ, Purlicue, etc.Domestic trendUnder the violent offensive, Vans is increasingly actively cooperating with more domestic excellent trend units.

But as early as 2012, the eye-catching Vans has already matched several domestic trend brands, such as Cheng Jun, who was founded and designed by Li Canson in 2002. Subcrew,Just created a joint name with Vans.

In particular, Subcrew chose not the classic, butOTW Alomar under the sling.

As the leader of the domestic trend brand, Li Lansen not only took the double-selling name on several occasions, but also held a grand conference in Hong Kong and Chengdu, attracting many fans to the store.

In the same year that Subcrew and Vans started working together,CLOTIt also teamed up with Vans for the first time and released a series of shoes as a holiday limit.

Designed with classic Slip-On and Era shoes, the biggest attraction is the special edition shoebox:

In 2015, CLOT joined forces with Vans for the upcoming tenth anniversary with the classic Alienegra thorns.

I love to join the careful thinking of Guan Xi, playing a trick in this cooperation:The transparent crystal bottom reveals the thorn pattern of the sole. This pair of shoes is not only a highly topical work of the year, but also a pair of Vans that make collectors proud.

Look again,

Become a joint shoe for absolute value collection.

Vans and Supreme have always had a good relationship with their friends. Every year they will make an appointment and co-produce a couple of cooperation funds. Then, do you know when the cooperation between the two started?

The answer is 1996,At the time, Vans was only a small skateboarding brand in California, and Supreme was also a military for only two years. Two young and flamboyant brands have been hot since the meeting, and this fate has been maintained for more than 20 years.

▲Although each pair of Vans working with Supreme is expensive,

But this pair of 96 years OG styleSelling up to five digits in the secondary market

The following two patterns of Vans stacked together, have been recognized by the entry-level players as nothing, but it is genuine. Raf Simons x colette x COMME des GARÇONS x Vans.

The pair of four-way joint shoes appeared in 2005 and was only available at the Japanese colette Meets x COMME des GARÇONS store.

also because“ Rare quadrilateral joint”, “Global limited edition 100 pairs”, “Bounded colette blessing”Wait for the title, make this pairPrice is nowBroken shoesBecome more collectible.

Fun cross-border joint name,

It is often possible to poke the G point of the “home man circle”.

Vans’ ambitions are not only on the trend of players, but also like the anime “Otaku”, which is also one of the key focus of the brand. In these years, Vans has been animated with Americans more than once.The SimpsonsCooperate to create a pair of children’s shoes with a pair of old and small feet.

and alsoNintendo x Vans series,Not only the uppers, shoes and other details of the design, the use of many of the classic elements of Nintendo games, the soles also added the words “GAME” and “OVER!”, plus a special version of the shoe box, all childhood memories come to mind!

Of course, there are Marvel, PEANUTS, LINE FRIENDS Waiting for the joint object, I also wrote a lot of notes on Vans’s “personal book.”

The taste of joint vision is reflected.

It is the tasting of art:

In 2016, when Vans entered its 50th year, its high-end spur Vans Vault launched a series of artist co-brands, such as Robert Williams In the cooperation, the three collections are full of shoes.

At the same time, each pair of shoes has autographed by Robert Williams, and each of the outstanding visual and abstract design items adds to the cooperation. It can be said that each joint cooperation of Vans is ingenious.

I also got the art co-brand that I loved. I have to mention it last year.Vans x Van Gogh Museum In the series, four paintings by legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh were moved to shoes, costumes and hats for interpretation.

The Authentic, which is based on Van Gogh’s most famous “Sunflower”, has entered the market shortly after its release.“ A shoe is hard to find”The situation.

So, what is the point of Vans’ joint name in art this year?First and foremost, it was recently released. Vault by Vans x Modernica series.

Modernica, which has a long history of more than 25 years from Los Angeles, has been insisting on hand-made furniture and is committed to revitalizing the art of design that is on the verge of loss.

Its unshakable brand status can be said to be a well-deserved leader in furniture design and craftsmanship, and Vans will choose to work with it once again to reflect its unique taste and vision.

Vault by Vans x Modernica shell chair production video

This collaboration, in addition to the California-style design brings the three most famous “shell chairs”, but also integrates its advantages into the familiar Vans shoes.

A combination of leather and suede materials, the classic pair of Style 36 LX and OG Slip-On LX classic shoes give a very top quality experience.

Under the brand spirit of pursuing the classic design, find the balance between classic design and new-age style.The design of the shoes is a combination of Vans’ classic elements and Hawaiian elements.

We also tried the style of the Style 36 LX shoe in this series.In the shoesThe leather brown of the Hawaiian style gives Vans a “street player” a casual, elegant flavor.

The pearl color with palm leaves and the classic black combination with checkerboard elements can easily bring a good modeling experience.

Vans’ operation in the music field is also very valuable.

This time I want to pay tribute to rock punk:

Friends who are familiar with Vans know that in addition to skateboarding, music is also an indispensable part of Vans for more than 50 years, especially the hardcore music genre such as metal and rock.

Famous American metal bandSlayer,I have worked with Vans several times, such as the earliest pair of Old Skool shoes, and later the Sk8-Hi and Slip-On models, which are now out-of-print collections, and this collaboration has become the brand’s most well-known collaboration. one.

And the rock band that co-operated with Vans is famous.Metallica Also ranked among them. Vans created exclusive shoes for each of the four members of the band.

They also recorded the Off The Wall.TV video series with Vans’s skaters and surfers, telling their story about the Vans family.

The fate of Vans and rock is still going on, this year, the British rock legend band Led ZeppeLin zeppelinBecome a brand new joint target.Joint nameWhen the news is released, many friends will be carnival. It is not difficult to guess that this is definitely a classic collection worthy of collection.

This cooperation is actually forCommemorating the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s first album of the same name. I believe that friends who know something about rock and roll know how much influence this album has brought to the sensation and controversy.

Vans has deliberately created a four-piece limited-edition shoewear collection that includes co-long sleeves T-Shirt, truck hats and Era and Sk8-Hi shoes.The special edition shoe box comes with the Led Zeppelin Zeppelin classic eponymous album element.

In addition to the T-Shirt and the truck cap with the artistic illustrations on the album “Led Zeppelin”, it can be seen that the Sk8-Hi shoe also perfectly reproduces the album cover of “Led Zeppelin” with a suede and canvas stitching upper, and at the waist of the shoe. Printed with silver metal details.

Not only that, but the discerning fans can also find the representative symbols of the band members on the album pages in the woven label inside the tongue.

And we got the shoes, we also made it for it.Modeling. In the current retro resurgence,With Led ZeppeLin Zeppelin airship “breath” shoesIt can instantly find the inspiration for the 70s.

The Era shoes are embellished with the symbolic symbols of the band members, which match the white “Led Zeppelin” logo and representative symbols on the side of the sole.

The use of high-grade leather as the upper material also gives it a lot of points in the texture and styling.

It is clear that the Vans x Led Zeppelin Zeppelin co-branded series is not only worth mentioning, but also in terms of meaning and the shoe itself.

And this series is alsoIt will be exclusively launched on Vans official website on March 1, 2019.If you don’t want to miss this cooperation, you can click “Read the original text” at the end of the article to VANS.COM.CNOr go to VansChina’s official WeChat for more details on the offering.

The units that have co-produced with Vans are more like stars. However, most shoes are still a classic that is difficult to get, and the value is not measurable. In other words, if you encounter shoes that Vans works with your favorite unit, don’t hesitate.

In addition to the Vans x Led Zeppelin Zeppelin co-branded series, it is worth reminding that the above mentioned the same wonderfulVault by Vans x Modernica Joint SeriesNowDengLu to Vans domestic designated store, official website, friends who want to use Vans to express taste, don’t miss it.

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Admit, Vans’s joint taste,

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