Tibet Is Said To Be A Courier Station For The Soul, Possibly Because Of These

In this noisy dust, people need to have a place suitable for themselves to put their souls. As long as it is your own heart, it is a station, it is not so confused for the future departure. Where is your soul standing? Here is Tibet, she is my soul station, I hope you don’t be too fascinated…

The Mihei Glacier, looking at the beautiful, feels the magic of nature! Same as painting.

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is known as “the most beautiful road in China”, and this photo alone is enough to attract people.

Nanga Bawa, a cloudless night, can see meteors.

Nam Co, just blame the world is too good.

Linzhi’s gorgeous peach blossoms! I thought that only the friends of Xueshan in Tibet should go there.

Gang Rinpoche, the appearance of the center of the world, depends on your gaze.

Yamdrok is wrong, this lake is called a turquoise earrings scattered among the Buddha.

40 Glaciers, let you stay in the real version of the “Frozen” dream world, close contact with the ice tower.

Lhasa, once met, once lonely.

Ba Songcuo, at the best time, dreams of dreaming, going where I want to go.

Zada Tulin can only sigh the magic of nature.

Ramla is said to be able to see the appearance of the past life.

Hoh Xil, China’s largest no-man’s land, is in such a scene, everything is empty.

Going once in the Ali ring line, no more crazy, we are old.

Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai, a place of paradise! Especially after the rain, the lake mirrors the sky like a mirror.

The world is very small, and when you turn around, you don’t know who you will meet. The world is big, and when you turn around, you don’t know who you will lose.