January 2019

Introduction to the Three Towers of Chongsheng Temple

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Introduction to the Three Towers of Chongsheng Temple: The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali are located about one kilometer from Dali City. One of the best scenery in Dali. Known as the symbol of Dali ancient culture. The main tower of the Three Towers is called Chihiro Tower, which is 69.13 meters high. [...]

The Highest Temple Altitude In The World – Rongbu Temple

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The Nyingma School is the oldest school in the various sects of Tibetan Buddhism. "Ningma" means "ancient". Everyone has a red coat, so it is commonly called "red religion." It is also the most concentrated group of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibetan Buddhism. The churches are scattered throughout the country, and they attach great importance to [...]

Lijiang Ancient City – One Great Place In Yunnan

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Introduction to Lijiang Ancient City: Lijiang Old Town is located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province in southwestern China. Lijiang Ancient Town, also known as Dayan Town, is located in the middle of Lijiang Dam. It is also known as the second batch of national historical and cultural cities, namely, Suizhong, Sichuan, Pingyao, Shanxi, and Anhui [...]

All You Need To Know About Potala Palace, Tibet

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Introduction to the Potala Palace: The Potala Palace is a famous palace-style building complex on the Mabu Ri Mountain in the northwest of Lhasa, Tibet. It is the essence of Tibetan ancient architectural art. The Potala Palace was built in the 7th century AD and was built by the Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo as the [...]

In This Life, You Should Go To Xinjiang Once!

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If there is 100% color in this world Then Xinjiang Will use one hundred and one hundred ones to show you his color So in the circle Xinjiang is hailed as the favorite pure land of Chinese photographers in 2017. If you have been to Xinjiang Then all of this will find the answer in [...]

The Desert In Xinjiang Is Actually Snowing! It’s So Beautiful! A Group Of Photos Stunning The Country


Most of the deserts in the world are in the tropics. Mostly it won’t snow, The largest Sahara desert in the world It is very hot and will not snow. But China’s largest desert, South Taklimakan Desert (330,000 square kilometers), The average temperature in winter is about minus four degrees. When you encounter precipitation, do [...]

Don’t Miss This Kunming Old City In Yunnan When You Travel China

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Located in the edge of Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Ethnic Village is a must-see for travel to Yunnan. At present, 25 ethnic villages such as Bai, Yi and Jingpo and a Mosuo House have been built and opened, as well as an old Kunming building showing the Han nationality. The style of Kunming City. Today, I [...]